December 10, 2020 - Msg 115785:

Good evening gang, hope all is well.
PH--I love that movie, thanks for sharing those parts. In 1954 Congress added the words "under God" to it, but I'm sure you know that.
Well, they closed the city fitness center again where I have been exercising. I was usually the only one in the place, sometimes two of us. Yet the city ball fields are still up and running with kids sliding into homeplate right into the catcher with dust flying! I dont get it, the fitness center was scrupulously cleaned constantly, but dirty close-contact ball playing is ok just because its outside? Weird times!
Thank God, and I literally mean Thank God that the vaccine is coming out within the next week or so. Physicians and researchers gifted by God with such talent is amazing! I remember when Dr. Salk came out with the polio vaccine. That was another great miracle.
RO--I hope you got all your errands done.
That is so funny how Trinket got out of the bathroom!
ASA--no snow mold here, but lots of leaves! As far as Aunt Bee's driving goes, I sure wish I had that Ford today! ha
Well, here's a Christmas song for BOO, as I recall she likes this one.
Y'all may too.


December 10, 2020 - Msg 115786: Yep MDC that is a good one! I always liked the Carpenters, so sad about Karen tho...
Possum, I got your card with the beautiful cardinal on it ( Our State Bird ) Thanks!...
* * * * * *

I got a card from our Head Goober Jim Clark too, he did a nice one with Mr. Schwamps dog sitting on a bench with his toupee on. ( He even made a little fuzzy hairpiece on it.) On the back it said..Ahh Choo with it flying off!...CLEVER!

Sorry, but I didn’t get out this year to get my clever one, so I will email last years one to you again. It is worth a resend because of what it say’s...


December 10, 2020 - Msg 115787: Good morning, porch! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here! My decorating is finished, and it makes me happy to sit with Trinket on my lap and enjoy all the pretties around me. Miraculously, she is not bothering the decorations. After she chewed up that one thing, she hasn't done it again.

PH, you asked how her name came about. Well, you will remember that my Toye Starr was so tiny, just 4.6 lbs, and 7.5" at the shoulder. She was little, but she was mighty! When I lost her, I began a search for another puppy, and I wanted a tiny one again. After a couple of disasters, I finally found someone with a litter coming, predicted to be around 6-7 lbs. Now, size is a big factor in the price of puppies. To get one under 5 lbs these days, will cost around $3k, or more. I can't do that. So, I figured I could go a little bigger, and pay a lot less. I remembered someone saying that Toye Starr looked like a trinket on a charm bracelet, and the "trinket" stood out in my memory. So, with hope in my heart, I named my new puppy Trinket. However, Trinket blew past 5 lbs, then 6, then 7, and finally topped out at 10.2 lbs! Tiny, she ain't! As her vet said, she's "quite robust", to put it gently. However, I have learned something in all this. Size, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Her vet just laughs when I comment on her being big. He says a 10 lb dog is a small dog. A 75 lb dog is a big dog, and my son once had a sweet old English Mastiff who weighed in at 210 lbs. Baron was a marshmallow at heart, but you didn't want to threaten his loved ones! Well, anyway, that's how Trinket's name came about.

Speaking of Christmas songs, here's a favorite of mine. Enjoy! It's by Jim Ed Brown and Helen Cornelius, and is one you may or may not have heard. I think it's beautiful.

Well, better get moving around here. Stinky Trinky has been fed, but I haven't. Maybe a big glass of my beloved Treetop Brand Honeycrisp Apple Juice. That stuff is downright delish! Ice cold, it's so refreshing! True cider, it's unfiltered, and just sooo good!

Blessings, everyone. Be safe out there! And wash your hands - a lot! --Romeena

December 10, 2020 - Msg 115788: Me again. With your indulgence, I have a little complaint I'd like to register. Well, more like a rant, I guess.

Why do companies that sell packaged foods even bother to put those ridiculous "ziplock" features on the bags that contain their product? I can never get the "tear-off" part to tear off, and once opened, the "ziplock" part won't zip or lock. Just now, I was trying to open a new bag of the little "tasties" that I add to Trinket's regular kibble, and nearly lost my religion in the process. There's always a little notch on the sides of the bag, which indicates that you're supposed to tear that top part off, starting at the notch. Well, good luck with that. First of all, the bag is apparently made of sheet metal, because it refuses to tear, at the notch or anywhere else. So, I resorted to scissors, as usual, and cut along the line that was supposed to tear. Wrong again. The actual location for the line that would presumably have torn was about 1/16th of an inch below that line. So, I cut again, and that actually allowed me to separate the two walls of the bag, but now the strip that remains above the ziplock part was so short and shallow that I couldn't get a grip on it. I finally cut the whole dang thing off, poured the contents into a jar, and threw the bag away. They could cut costs and sell the product a little cheaper. Just seal it up, print "Cut bag open and pour contents into a jar" on the bag, and everyone would benefit. There! Now I feel a little better. --Romeena

December 10, 2020 - Msg 115789: Hello folks. doing a check point chickie this afternoon.

the weather on my end of the is sunny today and about 51 degrees. its been down the in 20's at night so I am glad to see 51 degrees.

not much new to report since last time I posted. just working and trying to keep folks calm during all this craziness. more cases of covid are being reported here as well as more deaths being reported. I pray this will soon end as does everyone else.

I am working on my Christmas cards and hope to get them out by this coming Monday.

We close on my Mom's house on the 18th. The closing date keeps getting moved due to the number of loans and houses being sold in our area. apparently its busy busy and taking time to get everyone through the process.

Boo: I hope Erin is doing ok. continued prayers for her.
GF: continued prayers for you. I didn't get to the podcast taping Monday night. just too busy and by the time I remembered it was too late.

guess I better get ready for my afternoon folks.
Supper menu: ribeye steaks, salad, loaded baked potatoes, homemade rolls. hot fudge brownies for dessert. tea, soda, lemonade to drink. eat up everybody. Its not often I grill steaks!
Prayers and blessings to all
Big Maude

December 10, 2020 - Msg 115790: Oh mercy me Maude, a ribeye sounds real good for supper. And all the sides work good also.

Romeena, mercy sakes your rant hits home with me. I wonder the same thing while going through the same dance you just described. It sure makes you wonder who does the Q/C with these food packaging places. I also wanted to thank you for managing the Christmas Card list every year. It's very appreciated.

Thanks also to you Possum for the nice card. I am hoping to get mine out this weekend.

GF, Any snow yet? We are supposed to get some more this weekend. They are saying the next series of storms will be bringing in more punch so I better get out to the shop and see if Helen is in a good mood. She fired up okay last week, but she is like her namesake, can turn sour in a New York minute.

MDC, Yea, that old Ford would be worth some money for sure. I noticed it had a spotlight on it. That seemed odd.
Last night I watched the episode when Flora takes Goobers job at the filling station. I noticed a boo boo. And and Floyd drive over to the station in the squad car and as they pull up, the camera angle shows them from the front and Floyd is wearing a sport jackey. But then when the camera angle changes to the inside, Floyd is wearing his white barber coat.
Then I watched the episode where Howard wants to join the Lodge. In one of the scenes, when all the Lodge guys are leaving the room, and Andy is saying bye to them, he says "see you later Bert" to Judd. As you all know it was Bert Mustin who played the part of Judd. Whoops.

Well I think I'll go outside and get some work done so I can have a good hunger for Maudie's supper tonight.


December 10, 2020 - Msg 115791: Wow what a supper Maude...let me get to reading some porch mail...Cabbage coming in good here at the dog house...want be long fried-boiled cabbage and cole slaw...SPOT

December 10, 2020 - Msg 115792:

ROMEENA--you are a caution! I too have dealt with those bags, and have finally resorted to a scissors all the time now, plus I snip a little 'opposite notch' or 'tab' in the top center to give myself an area to pull it apart. When re-sealing, I lay the bag of whatever flat on the counter, and THEN run my finger along the 'track' and it works pretty well. Good luck! haha
ASA-- YOUR ep was on TV tonite-- "ASA, what are your counter-measures in the event of a 10-12?" :) It is also one of about 4 times times that ol' Barn is in a dress! I think of the Mountain Wedding, and the Bookie Barber. Also ASA, those spotlights were an option for a few years on Fords. My dad's '56 wagon had one. (I'll email you a pic) Hey, good noticing on the tags bloopers. I'll have to check them out.
BIG Maude, good to see ya. Your ep was on TV last night! Love the dance scene..."You're a trez-a." :) Been praying for your hubby. That actually happened to me at a job, just never brought it up here, but to this day I'm sure that's why they laid me off. It took knowing a friend who owned a business to get the job that I had until retirement.

We had some RAIN today. It was a nice steady drizzle. I like that kind of rain. Our high was
only about 55. Love it!
I SPOTTED SPOT on the porch!! Hey to ya Spot, hope all is well in crazy GA these days.

My internet is very slow tonight, anyone else or is it just me?

Well, have a good evening,

December 11, 2020 - Msg 115793: Asa...Your project is still on the way, it’s stuck somewhere between here and “Timbuktu” as they say....
I guess the postal service just doesn’t have the room until they finish laundry’n all those boxes 📦 of ballots I guess 🤷🏼‍♂️

Thanks for Dinner Maude...Nothin’ like a good ribeye 🥩 cooked medium on the grill with a nice baked potato 🥔 and throw in some of SPOTS homemade slaw...WhoooDoggie that’s good eat’in!

G-F 🎄

December 11, 2020 - Msg 115794:

GF--is that sort of like getting a "round tuit?" har har mdc

December 11, 2020 - Msg 115795:

So I am watching Rawhide today, and there is "Brisco" with
lots of cousins, about 20, and "Jim Lindsey" is one of them.
It was a fun watch as MY "Mister Darlin's Cuz" handle was

Say, how about some Christmas movie quotes like "fra-gil-lay"
or some such!

I was at my chiropractor today, and as I was waiting for her to enter
the room I was looking at a wall chart of the body, and one of the areas near the neck said "Medulla Oblongata!" Here I thought all that 'oblongata' stuff was made up! But I guess that all God's chillin got one! :)

For those on FB, I have posted photos of my Christmas display.

Have a good evening all!

December 12, 2020 - Msg 115796: You'll shoot your eye out is the Christmas movie quote that I love. I saw the movie Dances with Wolves last night for the third or fourth time. The scenery is absolutely beautiful, it was filmed mainly in South Dakota. MDC the doctors here aren't seeing patients in the office unless it's an emergency. I had my video visit yesterday morning with my new doctor, my previous doctor retired the end of May. I'm curious to find out what he charges for a video visit. Sarah

December 12, 2020 - Msg 115797: Hey GF, The tiles arrived today buddy. Thank you. I will enjoy that. You are a-okay buddy. :)

Sarah, I just sent out my Christmas cards today. I went with "A Christmas Story" theme.

MDC, How about this one?
"Surprised? I couldn't be more surprised if I woke up with my head sewn to the carpet"!
So you have one of them female back crackers? You know what they say about female back crackers Any... heh heh heh (In my best Uncle Ollie voice)


December 12, 2020 - Msg 115798: Whoops, Andy, not Any.

December 12, 2020 - Msg 115799:

Sarah, it's kinda hard to do a chiropractic adjustment over the phone!! haha (Maybe she could explain to me what to do!! :) mdc

December 12, 2020 - Msg 115800: Here ya go MDC..... Dr. Goober Pendyke....MD
*Mayberry Doctor......

December 12, 2020 - Msg 115801: GeeWiz....That one procedure looked like Barney in Asa’s neck stretching device....G-F ..lThe video MD

December 12, 2020 - Msg 115802: Here’s My Nickel...

December 13, 2020 - Msg 115803:
HA! You guys are birds in this world!
I can tell you that it is DEFINIELY not a 'too thick' wallet! LOL!
OK, it is Christmas memories time! :) I told this several years ago here but...
if you all will indulge me one more time I’d like to tell you a brief-- but very true-- Christmas story from my childhood. I grew up near 19th Avenue and Osborn, in Phoenix, AZ 'central Phx at the time; and I guess you could say that we were “just a tad below” middle class; but we had a good roof over our heads, always had good food on the table, good clothes on our backs, and a great love in our hearts. One particular Christmas… 1960, to be exact, things were a little tight. Dad was working two jobs, so my three brothers and my three sisters and I knew that gifts would be pretty sparse that year, but we were OK with it, as we shared everything we had anyway.
Well, on Christmas Eve of that year we were all sitting around the Christmas tree, singing carols, and my mom was reading Luke, chapter 2 when around 8 PM the doorbell rang, and there, to our surprise, stood SANTA CLAUS!! (at least a very reasonable facsimile!) He asked my parents if he could use our telephone, for (as we kids found out later) he was trying to find a house in SCOTTSDALE, but he was totally lost!! He was supposed to have shown up for the kids of a fairly well-to-do family and hand out gifts to their kids. But now, since he was almost an hour and a half late, and (in those days) Scottsdale was still at least an hour away, the father on the other end of the line told him to just give out the gifts to the family whose house he was at! And that was US! 
My goodness, we got such a neat spread!! It was a blast! Tonka toys, learning toys, a basketball, a riding train engine, a tricycle, etc, etc!! God does indeed work in mysterious ways, and that is one Christmas that I will never forget!! And that is just one fond memory of growing up in Phoenix AZ!!!
Please share any that you have, even if you have posted it before! :)

December 13, 2020 - Msg 115804: Awesome story MDC....Yes He most certainly does!...G-F

December 13, 2020 - Msg 115805: Wow MDC, What a great story that was. I am going to share that with my Grandkids. Very touching.

I'll share this one, although it sounds like I am patting myself on the back. But I do it rather to show you can't outgive God.
A number of years ago, when Debbie was still working, she called me one day at work very excited. Their office had been doing the annual charity fund raiser for needy families for Christmas. Their company had put up some prizes to generate more participants and Debbie had won the top prize in the drawing. It was tickets for two to attend any Jazz basketball game we wanted to go to that season. But it wasn't just that, it was also attending the game in the Company luxury suite they owned. That came with a full catered dinner, a fully stocked fridge, the suite was top notch. This was something I figured I'd never get to do. Anyway, we looked at the schedule and saw they were hosting the L.A. Lakers in December so we chose that game to go to. I was excited as could be, but something was gnawing away at me. Debbie's donation had not been all that much (we didn't have a lot to spare) and now we were going to this very pricey event. I know the idea of prizes was there to entice more giving, and it had worked pretty good. They had raised more money than ever before. But it still left me feeling somewhat guilty. Well as the date drew closerI decided I really couldn't do this and feel right about it. So I prayed and came to a thought from that prayer. Our old neighbors in our last neighborhood had a Son who had developed a brain tumor at the age of two. This poor little kid had known nothing but pain and sickness all his life. He was now 16 and I had heard that he was not doing real well. I knew his family could not afford any luxury's in their life with all the medical bills they had. Anyway, I felt inspired to give the two tickets to them so Dad could take his boy to the game (who I knew was a big Jazz fan). I checked with Debbie to make sure her employer would be okay with this, and then called the Mom to let her know what I wanted to do. I was just going to quietly slip them to her and leave it at that, but she would not have any part of that. She insisted that I give them to her son and take credit for it. I really did not want that, but she insisted. So to see that kids face light up when I presented those tickets to him was pure delight for me and all the payback I needed. But the story continues. On the morning of game day, I am at work and Debbie calls me and aske what do I want to do tonight. I said lets get a pizza and watch the game at home. She said she had a better idea. Why don't we go to the game in person? I laughed because I knew the game had been sold out for weeks. Then she said, better yet, why don't we go in style and do the suite thing instead. Well it turns out, the company president found out what I had done, and was so impressed, he gave up his own two tickets that he and his wife had, and sent them to Debbie, telling her you and your husband go with your friends and have a good time. So we did, and we had a wonderful night. About 8 months later, the young son passed away and as I was offering my condolonces to the parents at the viewing, they both became very emotional and thanked me for giving Eric a very special evening and how much fun he had. Mercy sakes, It really was a special night. And it made our entire Christmas season that year extra special.


December 13, 2020 - Msg 115806: I think my alergic’s kicked up on that one Asa 😥....It’s Easy to drop money in a bucket but once there’s a face attached to the act it rises to a whole new level...Sometimes we never know just how much it means to someone....


December 13, 2020 - Msg 115807:

Gosh, my 'lergics are also acting up, eyes are watering, nose is running. :)
Wonder what causes that?
Beautiful story ASA. To paraphrase Andy, I dont think anyone could say it any better than that.

December 13, 2020 - Msg 115808: Oh Asa, thank you for sharing that story. I know you never have before because you are a humble man, but it blessed me to read it. Thank you for "being somebody".


December 14, 2020 - Msg 115809: Well, you folks can have "'lergics" if you want to, but I've got just plain old tears in my eyes, and I'm don't mind admitting it! Asa, that's a beautiful story, and thank you so much for telling it. Nothing in that story surprises me, though. Your sharing of your tickets is typical of what I believe to be your nature, and as you said, it shows very clearly that you just can't outgive God. I'm pretty sure you still get a little warm glow every Christmas, as that story surfaces in your memory, and you remember the joy in that young man's eyes. So actually, God is still rewarding you for your unselfish act. You got to go to the game after all, and now every year, you remember what it meant to Eric and his family, and you feel the love. God is good.

My story is another example of the fact that you can't outgive God. In the very early years of our marriage, we faced a decision. Christmas was very near, and we had a young son to buy for. Money was very tight, and we had not yet given our tithe for that month to the church, which would have been $20. In those days, "Santa" could have done a lot with $20. Still, we knew what we needed to do, and we did it. Dale dropped his last $20 bill in the offering plate. A day or so later, as we were tidying up our tiny living room, to make room for the 3-ft tree that would sit on a little table, he picked up the very large "family Bible" that had been a wedding gift. He noticed the corner of an envelope sticking out of it, so he pulled it out and opened it. It was a "wedding congratulations" card, that had evidently been tucked into the Bible at our reception, and had been overlooked. When we opened it, I'm sure you know what was inside. Yep. A crisp $20 bill!

I've told that story before, many times, and have sometimes met with skepticism. One person laughed and asked me if I really believed that God made that card and money materialize in that Bible. No, I don't believe that. I do believe what the Scripture says, though - that God knows the end from the beginning. I think He knew that day would come, and saw to it that the card was put in that Bible on the day it was received. It remained there until the day came when we needed it.

MDC, your story about the generosity of the man who had hired the Santa that got lost is another fine example of giving with an open heart. That story had many blessings. Your family of seven children was blessed with a lovely, fun Christmas. The man who shared so willingly had to feel good about it, and I have no doubt that he managed to give his own family everything they wanted or needed anyway. His children saw an example of sharing and caring, and no doubt learned from it. You have never forgotten that man's generosity, and have incorporated that attitude into your own life. Good deeds are like pebbles thrown into a pond. The ripples spread far and wide, even from the tiniest pebble. Even Dale's little $20, given in faith and obedience, had an effect somewhere, I'm sure. It just went into the church budget, but I know it was used wisely. One line in a song that Josh Groban recorded says "there is a place we're all connected", and I believe that's true. There's a negative, semi-comic saying - "No good deed goes unpunished" and I believe there's actually some truth to that, too. God rewards us, but the devil still roams the earth "seeking whom he may devour", and I believe he sometimes tries to punish us for a good deed, to discourage us. God, however, will take whatever damage Satan has tried to do and turn it for good. Our reward may be as simple as the smile on a sickly 16 year old boy's face, but you, Asa, have never forgotten that smile, and it warms your heart when you remember it.

I got up a little earlier than usual today, and am being rewarded for doing so! My yard is full of squirrels, at least six of them, and their antics are just hilarious! It's crisp and cold out there, just 34°, so they're all fuzzed up and energetic, chasing each other, scattering dry leaves far and wide, rooting through the remains of the sunflower seeds I put out yesterday, getting in little squabbles - they are just so cute and so funny! I could watch them all day, but I guess I'll go put out more seeds.

Have a blessed day, friends! --Romeena

December 14, 2020 - Msg 115810: Christmas Card from The Newsome's 2020

I hope you've been making it through the lockup. The Newsome's have been pushing through and hope to soon be seeing folks in person again. Stay well and we pray the Lord's blessings and protections upon you.

-- Allan (a.k.a. Floyd) and Jan

December 14, 2020 - Msg 115811: Thanks Chief...We here on the Porch Wish You And Yours the Very Best Too!..We look forward to your annual Christmas 🎄 card every year!...Say Hey 👋🏻 to Mrs. Weaver....


December 14, 2020 - Msg 115812: Ok...Time for a Christmas story... Enjoy... G-F

December 15, 2020 - Msg 115813:

THANKS ALLAN AND GF, both were very, very cool!!
Love it!,

December 15, 2020 - Msg 115814:
Oh, and RO, thank you for sharing your story.
To the bah humbug skeptics, I always say...
"Well, even if you think He aint real, what's the harm in me believing it?" :)

December 15, 2020 - Msg 115815: Very Cool display at your place, and nice picture of the old Ford..Makes a guy wanna bus out in song.....

Yes Romeena, nice story a Godwink 😉 for Sure!


December 15, 2020 - Msg 115816: Good morning, porch! It's cold here, at 39°, heavy clouds - the sky looks like gray flannel! All my trees have now lost their leaves, except the sycamore, which still has over half of its leaves. It's always the last one to drop them. Oddly, one limb on one cottonwood still hasn't dropped anything, it's still fully covered. Just that one limb - really looks weird. It's not raining, but sure looks like it wants to. I think Trinket and I will just stay home and snuggle today.

Thanks, Allan, for the Christmas card. You and Jan are just the cats! Those cruises we shared for a few years were just so much fun. I wish it could happen again, but for me, that time has passed. I don't even know if the cruises are still happening - well, I know there wouldn't have been one this year - but I'm so glad Eloise and I got to go when we did. To share time with all the tribute artists, and especially to meet "Floyd" was just so much fun.

G-F, I love that "Godwink" idea. Those little moments happen quite often, and are frequently overlooked, especially by unbelievers, but for those of us who believe, they can be so obvious. Like MDC said, what's the harm in me believing it? I've always said to those who doubt - If, in the end, it turns out that God isn't real, then I have lost nothing, because I've lived a happy life. Christians are generally the happiest people I know. However, if on the other hand, it turns out that God is real, then those who have rejected Him are going to be very, very sorry. As for me, I believe, because I can feel Him in my heart and soul, and He demonstrates his love and care for me every day, in major ways at times, and even through little "Godwinks."

That reminds me of my dad. As you all know by now, I loved my dad very much, and thought he helped God hang the moon! When I was a child, he had a habit of doing little thoughtful things for me, like saving the biggest strawberry in the box for me, or slipping me a little extra in my allowance as I got older. Those little things were always signaled by a little wink, which said "don't tell anybody, this is just between you and me." Those memories give today's "Godwink" idea a whole new meaning for me. No, my dad wasn't a god, but the loving, indulgent care he showered on me gave me a framework on which to build my understanding of God. Toward the end of his life, our roles reversed to some extent. He had Alzheimer's, and thereby hangs many a tale, but I won't share them now. Mostly funny, though. He never lost his sense of humor. Anyway, as I said, things reversed to some extent. Now my dad loved the turkey on holidays, and his favorite part was that little pocket of dark meat, the little "medallion" of very tender dark meat, that sits just above the thigh, on the "frame", as my mom called the bones. He would find and eat one of them, and would then hide the other until I was nearby. He would transfer it to my plate, and give me a little wink. For the last few years of his life, I would hide one of those succulent bites and slip it onto his plate when he was near, and give him a wink. It was my joy to see him smile, and wink back, with the clear expression of recognition and understanding in his eyes, as he remembered the little ritual and his memories of it would return for just a moment. God is good.

Well, guess I'd better go feed this little wart that lives with me. A wart and a pestilence, that's Trinket! I declare, she can be so sweet, and so frustrating at times. She was perched on the arm of the sofa, next to the Christmas tree, last night. I saw her looking down into the enclosure beneath the tree, (I have a little folding fence around the tree) and I could clearly see that she was debating whether to jump down and be in there with all that fun stuff. She knew she would get yelled at (I would never raise a hand to her) and Mom would be mad for a while, but I could see her thinking that it just might be worth it! So, I told her very sharply to get down, and not to even think about it. She did get down, but I know she hasn't abandoned the idea. Gotta love her! Blessings, friends! Stay warm and stay well. --Romeena

December 15, 2020 - Msg 115817: Good morning all.
I am really enjoying reading your inspiring stories. Romeena. your experience with deciding to pay your tithing and being blessed for it is one I hear repeated frequently by folks like you. They had decided to pay their tithing, even though they could not afford it, and where blessed for it in some way. I know I also have had similar experiences. One of our past Church leaders said it well I think. He said the law of titihing was not a law of finance but rather a law of Faith. If we have the Faith to obey and then see if the blessings in Malachi don't come forth as mentioned. Thanks for sharing that.
I appreciate everyone's kind words concerning my story. My point of it was to hopefully illustrate a couple of things. First, when you feel lead by the Lord to do something, do it. He knows what He's doing, even if we don't at the time. And second, He will bless us beyond our wildest dreams, if we will become instruments in His hands.

GF, Chief? You never call us Chief unless... what picture show did you watch last night? :) Twas the night a for Christmas. lol I will remember that one. That feller does a pretty good take on Festus.

MDC, Your display is very nice and very well themed. Well done.

Floyd, That was a very nice card and I bet Henry Bennett will enjoy it. And thanks for all you do to keep Mayberry alive and well 70 years later.

Well I had to use Helen yesterday. Finally got enough snow to deal with. And I must say, she was in a good mood for her first outing of the year. I think draining off the fuel in mid summer and replenishing her with fresh treated fuel did the trick. She is a bit high maintenance in comparison to myh other I/C engines (that's how she got her nickname) but when she is happy, she purrs like a kitten. I'm not sure why Honda's struggle with the ethanol but they sure do, even when it's been treated.

Boo, I hope and pray all is well for you and yours. And you are enjoying the Christmas season. You cooking up a storm?

I went grocery shopping this morning and am starting to see things back on the shelves that I haven't see for a while. Even saw the clorox sanitizer wipes, and the clorox toilet cleaner refill pads.

The front line health workers here are getting their first shots today. That sure brings some happiness to my being. I hope and pray this is the start to the end of this thing. I think we are all united in that prayer and hope.

Well off to do some laundry and to put them toilet wands to work. All in all, it's a fun day. :)


December 15, 2020 - Msg 115818: MDC, forgot to thank you for posting the Carpenter's song, and I do love that one!

Thanks for the prayers Asa, and all of you, we are hanging in there. I have been very busy, for sure so havent been on the porch much. I drove to San Antonio today to get Erin so she can go to some appointments here this week. We dont see the neurologist until the 28th so I will let you know how that goes.

I mailed out my Christmas cards looking for a large envelope. I have been receiving some of your's and love it.

MDC, I certainly appreciated what you said about the vaccine because I have been hearing some pretty interesting conspiracy theories from a relative and some friends. Some folks believe it is the government's way of ushering in the antichrist or something. I wish people wouldnt put stuff like that on facebook.

Asa, havent been cooking up a storm yet, but will be later.

Hope all of you are healthy and warm tonight.


December 15, 2020 - Msg 115819:

Hello Porch! Two excellent tags episodes were on
ME-TV tonight...The Loaded Goat and The Class Reunion.
Love 'em both!
G-F, Has Peggy McKay (Sharon Despain) ever been to a Mayberry Days?
I'm guessing yes, and that you have a signed photo!
I found the above on youtube. I didnt realize that they also sang it in a colored ep!
Also, in the Loaded Goat ep, when they show the cell door in a scene, you can
see one of those 'spring closers' on the cell door. I guess it was for other times when the door swings shut to lock Barney in, because later in the scene, it is removed.
BOO--hope all goes well with Erin. She's in my prayers.
Looking forward to the 'tractor store card!' :)
ROMEENA-- not sure if your dad and mine have met up in heaven yet, but my goodness they sure did things
'similar-like.' As a 'middle child' my dad sometimes took me on a day fishing trip. Just him and me! Neat to get all the attention for about 6 hours!
He also got me a toy Rifleman Rifle when I was about 10. My mom wasnt too thrilled, but dad did that little wink to me as if to say "I'll take care of mom." ha
ASA--good to hear that helen was a good girl. Hope it continues for the season.
When I got my new Frontier last year i noticed that it has a 'flex-fuel' tag on the gas cap,
only we don't do the summer/winter fuel thing here; but still nice to have it.
Well, I'm heading to a local mall (one of our last remaining here) just to 'get me in the mood.' I love to walk around, watch shoppers, etc.
God bless,

December 15, 2020 - Msg 115820:

OH, if you freeze this clip at 1:28 you can see that
door closer on the cell. Ya gotta look quick or freeze it 'cause it is quick!


December 16, 2020 - Msg 115821: Haha MDC....You we Correctioso!... Peggy WAS at MD’s and YES I DO have her autograph and a picture made with her in orange cape she was wearing in that episode..She was a very nice lady, she also had a lot of fans there from the soap opera she was on. ( Days of our Lives I believe ) I think they may have sponsored her being there. She asked if we would be kind enough to send a note to the network/show ( which I did )
they sent me a autographed publicity photo of her as her character...So I got a two for one deal! I don’t watch soaps, but it was a nice gesture...
Styrofoam!...Who’d a thought!...Why didn’t I think of that? ( In my best chicken farmer voice) of the guys arguing over a fence when Barney becomes Sheriff for a day...

Asa...We are supposed to get 3-5 inches today, so maybe my “Joe” will get a workout too? We shall see!

Boo...BTW I am a Carpenter fan also. I ain’t afraid to admit it. I always liked their stuff. Also John Denver and Neil Diamond too if I must say so...

John Masters...You Ok Buddy? Check in if you feel up to it...We know the Holidays are rough for some people just let us know you’re Ok...That goes for you too Sterling!..10-4?


December 16, 2020 - Msg 115822: Good morning,y'all! It's DANG Cold here in SC,as ol Rev used to say! Rain all day with a high of 45- yuck,yuck,and more yuck. Glad I have my rock to stay under today!

I am loving the Christmas themed stories! Sweet and magical. Asa, your story is one for Guideposts magazine. How special and kind to have gifted Eric with those tickets! My allergics kicked in too as I read your story!

I have a Christmas time story of my own,and I am pretty sure I told y'all about it after it happened but I'll repeat it. What makes it special to me is that it took place in Mount Airy- yep, I have a real Mayberry Christmas tale to tell! Here goes:

About 5 years ago I visited Mount Airy a few weeks before Christmas. One evening we went in the local Goodwill. I grabbed a buggy (shopping cart for you non- Southerners!) and as soon as I did I noticed a black clutch purse/wallet in the seat part of the buggy. I'd thought that it was a Goodwill item at first that someone picked up and decided not to purchase,but then I looked inside and saw an ID and money,so I knew it belonged to someone. I took a good look at the name & photo on the ID,then placed it back where I found it and set my purse on top of it and strolled around the store. I didn't see anyone fitting the description,but I played my hunch that this person would return to the store,so I browsed around and waited. I had already decided not to turn it in to the cashiers (just can't trust people these days,sadly) and would mail it to the address on the ID card as a last resort. Well, in a little while this young woman comes walking into the store looking kind of frazzled and distressed and I recognized her as the wallet's owner. I approached her and asked her if she was Amanda. She said yes, and I said that I had something that belonged to her and handed her the wallet.

She was stunned,y'all. That young woman told me that all of her Christmas money for her kids'presents was in there,along with her husband's paycheck, her children's Social Security cards,and other important cards. I told her I had the feeling she would show back up and that if not I would have mailed it to the address on her identification. She said she probably wouldn't have gotten it, as she no longer lived at that address. She told me that she had just left Goodwill and gone to Walmart when she realized she left her wallet in Goodwill. We spoke a few more minutes and she left. In a few minutes I looked up and here comes Amanda again -with her husband carrying their baby girl in his arms. She told me that she just had to bring them in to see the angel who found and returned the wallet. I had a time holding back the tears at that point. What a good,good feeling that whole experience left me with! And that it took place in Mayberry made it extra special!

I love the Carpenters too! Karen's voice was so rich and pure.

Y'all are welcome for the Christmas cards,friends and I appreciate the ones from you as well. Everyone stay warm,be safe and take care.

possum u.a.r.

December 16, 2020 - Msg 115823: Good morning, porch! Possum, you just made my day with that story. If you have told it here before, I missed it, because I would remember that. What a beautiful story! No surprise, knowing what we know about you - I would have expected nothing less of you. Who knows how far the ripples will go in that little pond! That young couple will tell and re-tell that story for years, and they got a good lesson in honest behavior. God will remember, honey.

I have a little story about my dad that makes a point, as well. Years ago, when he was building homes here in our town, he went by a current job site to check on progress. There had been a fairly small oak tree, smack-dab in the middle of where the house would be. Sadly, it had to be cut down, and the crew had cut it up into fireplace logs, and left it stacked on the site. Daddy was planning to bring part of it home, give part to us, and find someone who needed the rest of it.

When he arrived at the site, he found a man loading the wood into the bed of his pickup truck. His young son, about eight years old, was helping him. Daddy approached him and asked him what he was doing. The man said he was loading the wood into his truck (obviously.) Daddy asked him if it was his wood, and he said it was now, as the owner had given him permission to take it. My dad was trying to keep the conversation out of earshot of the child, but he kept standing around, listening. Finally, my dad told the man that he was the owner, and had given no one permission to take the wood. The man looked skeptical, so Daddy produced several of his business cards, which were copies of his signs that were posted on the property - Sterling Homes. Then he showed him his driver's license, which matched his name on the signs.

The man nearly broke into tears, so embarrassed in front of his son. He told my dad that his family was cold, as their furnace wasn't working, and he just needed some wood to keep them warm until they could fix it. He was expecting a paycheck the next week. Daddy told him that he must unload the wood he had loaded, and put it in Daddy's truck. The man began making the transfer, while my dad picked up what was left on the ground and loaded it. When Daddy's truck was full, there was still enough wood in the man's truck to last for several days. Daddy looked at the sad-looking man, and the confused child, and then did something very typical of him. He told the man to keep the rest of the wood, and welcome. The man asked him why he was doing that, and Daddy told him it was because it was what Jesus would want him to do. The man broke into tears at that, and offered Daddy his hand. My dad shook his hand, gave the child a hug, and wished them well. We will never know how far those ripples went in that particular little "pond", but we do know it left the man thinking, and I hope it raised some curiosity in that child's mind.

Well, guess I'll go rustle up some lunch. Trinket is nearby, looking hopeful. Stay warm, stay safe and well, and count your blessings! --Romeena

December 16, 2020 - Msg 115824: Good afternoon all.

My goodness, wonderful stories Possum and Romeena. I enjoyed them both very much. Those are the ats of tender mercy's we read about.

Possum, that woman was obviously very touched by your honesty to return with her husband and child with her to meet you. And I know it had to bless your life with goodness.

Romeena, so many wonderful stories, many about your Daddy. The acorn didn't fall from the tree. You were born of goodly parents, and have taught those principles to your children, who are no doubt teaching them to their children. What a legacy.

GF, Now don't you overdo it if you get that snow buddy. Pace yourself, or get help if needed.

MDC, I see you called your truck a Frontier and not "third party". Why so formal? lol Good catch on the door closer on the cell door. They could not have set it to tight, because in the episode when Otis comes in with a snootful, and both cells are filled up with the moonshiners, and they try grabbing Otis through the bars, you can see those walls moving around a bit. A tightly wound door closer might have brought the whole wall down. lol I guess they could have blamed it on Cousin Virgil.

And thank you for the cards also. I sure enjoy getting them. Ain't seen one from the Hubucker brothers though. :)

Last night I saw the episode with "Sandy Taylor" and "Taylor Sandars" and Mavis Neff getting all bubbly wubbly over Andy's laugh wrinkles. Ha, that girl was a hot mess.