December 25, 2020 - Msg 115883: Just stopping by for a quick hello this afternoon.

We started the day with a breakfast casserole, orange cinnamon rools, fresh fruit. Daysie made a cream cheese pastry to add to our meal.

The kids are all napping now and Mr. Maude is checking e mails . I’m watching TAGS on Tv land ...
Guess they will be ready for supper at some point. Beth requested spaghetti and meatballs so the sauce and meatballs are simmering in the crockpot . We will also have cheese ball, sausage balls, ham and cheese sliders leftover from last night. I made peanut butter cookies with chocolate kisses, oatmeal cookies and chocolate chip cookies so that will be dessert
ya’ll are welcome to join us about 6 or so.

We had a white Christmas on my end of the porch. It started snowing about 6 last evening and but the time it ended we had about 3 inches . It turned very cold (22 degrees) so it’s icy as well. it’s a pretty snow tho.

Hope everyone is having a good day ,
Prayers and blessings to all.
Big Maude

December 26, 2020 - Msg 115884: Good morning, porch, and a merry day-after-Christmas to everyone! We had a lovely day at Eloise's house yesterday. She had roasted her famous tenderloins, and they were so good! David and I had to stand guard in the kitchen, though. The family is divided on the question of rareness for beef. David, his boys, and I all like it quite rare. A few others can handle it medium-well, and the rest want it ruined. Much dramatic face-making at the rare part, and had we not been in there demanding that part of one tenderloin be removed from the oven while still quite rare, we would all have been eating shoe leather. All in fun, good-natured teasing, but still, we saved our rare cuts! Lots of comments, like "call the vet, I think that cow could be saved!" Har-de-har.

Eloise had made a potato dish that was really good. Very simple, and very tasty. Just mashed potatoes (real, not boxed), blended with a little sour cream, a shake of garlic salt, and a generous amount of shredded cheddar cheese, spooned into a buttered casserole dish, topped with more cheese, and baked until the cheese was bubbly and slightly browned. A classic, and very good. Brittany's sister had made a dessert that was heavenly, called it a Pavlova. A well-known dish to the enlightened, I think, but I had never heard of it, at least not by that name. Just call me country. However, it reminded me of a dish my mom used to make, called Cherry-berries on a Cloud, made in individual servings. Pavlova is similar, but made as one dish. A large meringue base, spread out on a baking sheet to about 2" deep and a little wall left around the edges, baked until dry and very lightly browned, and a little crispy on the outside, then filled with the lightest real whipped cream I've ever eaten, and sprinkled over with mixed berries, onto the cream. Like eating a cloud with berries on it.

Trinket and Diesel had a wonderful time, playing and play-fighting, mostly underfoot, but no one minded. They're such good buddies, and are so cute together. Diesel gets a little bent out of shape if Brittany pays too much attention to Trinket, will try to horn in, or goes off and pouts, but he gets over it. I try to console him, and he's sweet about it, but never takes his eyes off his mama, until Trinket goes away.

Today is going to be a very quiet, very pleasant day. Trinket and I are tucked in here at home, have no plans to leave the house, and will just overdose on Hallmark movies, etc. It's 43° outside, but heading for a high in the 70s, bright and sunny, but I'm still staying in. Only a few leaves on the lawn, not a problem, easily ignored. Not sure what I'll eat, but I'll find something. I've got soup, which I love, and berries and cottage cheese, and if all else fails, I'll order something delivered. Since neither of the Christmas meals were here, I have no leftovers. I'm cooking a turkey dinner on New Year's Day, however, by popular demand. Brittany made a special request, she loves my turkey and dressing. It is pretty good, if I do say so myself!

Well, I need to go brush Trinket. She wore a little Christmas jacket all day yesterday, so I could attach her leash and control her to and from the car, and she looked cute in it, so I left it on. Naturally, with all her scuffling with Diesel, it rubbed and matted the fur on her chest and belly, and I need to brush out those snarls before they morph into serious matting. I've let her hair get about 2-3" long, and it requires almost daily brushing, which she hates. I tell her it's just the price of beauty, but that doesn't seem to "signify" with her. :)

Blessings, everyone. Stay safe, stay warm, wear your mask when around others. --Romeena

December 26, 2020 - Msg 115885: Ok...Here y’all go....You start us off Possum... G-F

December 26, 2020 - Msg 115886: " Bah ,bah,bah.." I love it, G-F!

Hope y'all had a good Christmas. Mine was nice. However,it is DANG cold down here! Y'all Northern Porchsters come wrassle your weather back up your way-we don't want it! LOL


possum u.a.r.

December 26, 2020 - Msg 115887: Well, another Christmas come and gone and I am tired. Lots of work but worth it all. We had a Mexican food feast at our house! I made enchiladas and we had tamales, beans, Spanish rice, queso and so many goodies. After that I wanted to crash so took a short nap and Susan, her son and grand daughter and sean and I took a drive into Corpus Christi to look at some Christmas lights. It was a good day. Today Bruce and I took a drive and ate out at a really good seafood restaurant in Port Lavaca. Restful day, and I needed it.

Hope you are all well


December 27, 2020 - Msg 115888: Good Sabbath friends.
I hope all are well and at peace. I think we all need some hope and peace in life.

MDC had a birthday? Mercy sakes, the years come at ya fast anymore. Happy Birthday buddy, and thanks for letting us know Possum. I hope things warm up for you.

Boo, glad your Christmas went well. Sounds like it was fun. I hope Bruce can stay safe from the virus.

Romeena, sounds like your Christmas was a good one also. Good to hear. Does Trinket do okay when you brush her out?

GF, How goes the rehab? Good I hope. I do hope your pain has subsided some.

Big Maude, you sure do put out a nice spread. I think I gained 5 pounds just reading about you, Ro, and Boo's food.

I suppose I'll go rustle up some grub for breakfast. This porch food, even though sounding delicious, ain't very sustaining. :)


December 27, 2020 - Msg 115889: Christmas was a little different this year it was held in our back yard and deck. Part of our family had been tested and negative and some had not been tested so to be safe we celebrated outside with a fire pit and we all had a great time. Breakfast was eggs, bacon, scrapple, hash brown potatoes, English muffins, V8 juice, orange juice and champagne. Lunch was ham, lasagna, crab cakes, crab dip, oysters on the half shell and some in the oven with Romano cheese, cheese cake, pumpkin pie and key lime pie. Sarah

December 28, 2020 - Msg 115890: Good morning, porch! My goodness, Sarah, my mouth is watering, just reading your menu! Those oysters in the oven got my attention. I mostly have my oysters rolled in cornmeal and fried, (yum) and have also eaten them on the half-shell. Nice, but not my favorite. However, those in the oven with Romano cheese sound delish! Actually, I found some oysters in the store yesterday, and would have bought them, but it was a little tiny container, probably about ten or twelve oysters in it, and not very big ones at that, and it was priced at $12! I think not.

Asa, being brushed is not on Trinket's favorite-things-to-do list. She is not one to be still unless she's asleep, and it's hard to comb or brush a dog that's wiggling constantly. Also, she has a habit of licking my hand as a plea to stop whatever objectionable thing I'm doing. That gets old, too. Having her eyes and tender little nose so close to a comb or brush isn't ideal. She's so soft and pretty after a brushing, though, so I continue to do it. Gotta love her!

Happy birthday, MDC! Like Asa said, those things seem to be coming closer together these days. It seems like last week when my kids threw my 80th bash, and now I'm looking at 82 coming up in July. How can I feel 35, when I'm about to be 82? If my body just matched my mind and heart, I'd have it made!

Well, guess I'd better get moving. My eye is acting up again, tender and puffy lid, guess I'd better get to the eye doc today, if she can see me. I've got a call in, but they haven't called back. I've been fighting this silly thing for a while now, I'm ready to get it solved. I've got antibiotic drops for it, but they don't seem to be helping much.

Blessings, friends! Stay warm and stay well! --Romeena

December 28, 2020 - Msg 115891: Romenna, we have used cheddar cheese on the oysters in the oven too and pre cook some bacon and add a small piece. We also like them rolled in corn meal fried. I had a piece of key lime pie for dinner and my husband had cheese cake. Sarah

December 28, 2020 - Msg 115892:


December 28, 2020 - Msg 115893:

HELLO PORCHSTERS! Thank you for the nice birthday wishes. I broke thru 70 to 71 on the 26th, or as the
Christmas song goes, "on the feast of Stephen." It was my mom and dad's tradition to give us the name of the saint whose feast day we were born on. I used to brag tho how mine was the first martyr! haha :) It was a quiet one this year, as last year my family gave me a big party. This year C and I went to Cracker Barrel for a quiet dinner. But it was good, I got their chicken fried turkey! :)

I had a very nice couple of days. Christmas was just Cecile and I this year in place of our usual 20 or so people. Our church had an "every-other pew" (with masks) Midnight Mass which was really nice Our Christmas meal was just the two of us, and we grilled a couple of t-bones, and had a quiet meal. In the evening we drove around and looked at Christmas lights.
Oh, ROMENNA, I checked our church's FB page, and our associate pastor had the live-stream service that sunday, and his sermon was different. So sorry you won't be able to hear the pastor's message. BTW, that was funny about Diesel tearing out the squeakers!! Our last cat would do that! She'd just chew on the toy til she got it out, like it was a prize or something! lol. Seems like you had a great time at Eloise's!

MAUDIE, so cool that you had a white Christmas! :) Sounds like it was a good day.
And SARAH, good for you too with the outdoor fun, AND a day off from the pbx too! haha

ASA or GF, have either of you ever worked with PEX pipes? Our neighbor is going to have his house re-piped, and he is convinced that is the way to go these days.
BTW, Asa, I saw "you" on the Fugitive last night, as a doctor. Yes, your correspondence education was worth every penny! :) And on Saturday, I saw "Ernest T" on Wanted, D or A, and he even got married! ha.

HEY to Possum, have you thawed out yet??

Pappa bear sends his love to all of you, he really enjoyed your cards! He says "THANK YOU!"

APB for PH, John Masters, Sterling, LUCY, SPOT, and all!

OK folks, keep well, prayers,

December 28, 2020 - Msg 115894: MDC...I personally have not used Pex piping, it is not highly regarded in our area, mainly due to the chlorine in the water and it not having a track record for durability.
Might be ok in some uses but I personally wouldn’t trust it! Especially the crimping bands used to make connections.

I don’t think they are allowed to sell or use it in California either.

G-F....What say you Asa?

December 29, 2020 - Msg 115895:
GF--I told my neighbor that with our hot summers,
I wouldn't trust it. I hope he isn't bamboozealed into going that route. I will mention to him what you and Asa think about the stuff.
I will also suggest this video to him:

December 29, 2020 - Msg 115896: Morning all.

Glad you had a nice birthday MDC. Sounds like you two had a quiet one.
Regarding PEX, I am very up in the air about it. Around here that is just about all they use in residential buildings anymore. When I first saw it I was not a fan. But after the problems I was having with copper pipe leaks at work, I was pretty put off on that as well. GF, I had not heard that about chlorine being bad on PEX. But it makes sense I suppose. There are several different types of PEX pipe out there also. One that requires a crimp band (that GF alluded too). Another one that you expand mechanically and slip over the fitting and then the PEX will shrink back down from memory to seal it off. That one seemes very hard to imagine working well, but a lot of plumbers I know love it. But I think they love it because of ease of installation, not about lngevity. One thing I have heard a lot though, concerning the PEX, is they need to upsize it when replumbing. So if they are replacing a 1/2 inch copper line, with PEX, It would be wise to with 3/4 inch with he PEX. The reason being the PEX fittings reduce flow quite a bit.
You may remember all my griping a few years ago about all the water leaks I was dealing with. It was on buildings 30 years old, but that still seemed wrong to me. Especially since the copper pipe was the thicker wall stuff. But then I realized that in every intance, (with one exception) the leaks had been on the hot water side and had been on systems that were looped with a circulation pump on it. So I am thinking having the water circulating through the pipe constantly had a big hand in the leaks. But then I was curious why my hydronic heating system was not having the same issue. I had not had any leaks on those systems, and they had circ pumps on them. I came to two conclusions. The hydronic systems had pressure reduction valves on them that had them operating at around 20 PSI. The second thing was that although the hydronic system had water in it all year, it was only circulating during the heating season, maybe 6 to 7 months. So it may be these systems will start leaking in a few years also. Hard to say. I concluded that it was a combination of constant water circulation combined with higher pressure that was causing all the problems I was having at work. When all is said and done, I would still go with copper if it was feasible.

Debbie got me some very cool shows on DVD concerning the space race of the 60's. I am really enjoying those. That program in that era was unreal. Amazing what the did.

Speaking of plumbing, I need to run a snake down one of my drains I reckon. My kitchen sink drain is getting a bit slower. It's not at the P Trap, but further down stream where it makes an s bend through a floor joist. I have had issues there before. I just might redo it. Replace the two 90's with two 45's. That will correct the problem for good I think. That is ome time I am glad they used plastic and not cast iron. 10-4 GF? LOL

I just got back from the grocery store. I bought all my fixins for New Years Eve. Some dips, chips and crackers. We just hunker down at home and watch a movie. Uusally watch "The Sting". I really enjoy that one.

I hope you all have a safe and sane new year.


December 30, 2020 - Msg 115897:

GF and ASA, thank you for your thoughts on pex. I shall pass it all along to my neighbor.
ASA--interesting what you said about the pinholes in copper pipes. I have also heard that hot water pipes fail more, but it's due to the anode being shot or something like that sending debris into the pipes. But your pressure reduction valve theory makes a lot of sense!
Speaking of making sense, on tonight's tags about the gold truck...if Andy wanted it to be so hush hush, why did he strap on a sidearm just to "go check the town"? It seems like the citizens would immediately think that something was amiss. Just sayin'. :)
Also a couple weeks ago in the ep with Barney's "here at the rock" speech,
when they show Gomer on the roof, there is a "house" in the background,
when, from that angle, we should be seeing the top of the hotel. I guess i have been spotting more of those subtle things lately. I gotta get out more. haha
OK, that's my blooper sightings for tonight! :)

I hope everyone is doing OK, and are ready to bring in the new year!

December 30, 2020 - Msg 115898: RIP Mary Ann, She can join the rest of the castaways in that island 🌴 in the sky...She was 82. Ginger is the only remaining cast member now...


December 30, 2020 - Msg 115899: Very sad about Mary Ann. I hope the vaccine is available for everyone very soon.

MDC, sounds like a very nice Christmas and birthday. Ours was "downsized," too, but I really enjoyed it because it was less work and pressure for me. I did miss going to candlelight service but haven't gone for a couple of years now. Hopefully by next year. Its funny, though, that down here in south texas it doesn't seem like people are paying much mind to the virus. Lots of people buzzing around everywhere but I did notice less people in the stores doing Christmas shopping. I guess more people did online shopping, which is good.

I will just be at home for new year's, as usual. I think we may do a movie night or something simple. I still have my Christmas trees and decorations up so not sure when that is coming down. I decluttered the kitchen of decorations but have to tackle the living room.


December 30, 2020 - Msg 115900: Hello folks. This year has been depressing for us. It was not only due to the covid virus, but my wife lost both her mother and aunt in the Mid East and Europe respectively. What made this worse was that my wife could not be with her families. We tried to get my wife to visit with them in the past few years but we ran into difficulties. With government imposed travel restrictions for her home country, and attempting to getting her home country passport renewed since they don't recognize her Canadian passport. My wife got her hopes up when her family in the mid east had applied to move to the USA and it got approved. But then the USA imposed restrictions for immigrating from that mid eastern country. I was worried that her mother would pass away before all the delays were resolved. And although her and her family were able to communicate via the internet, I wanted my wife to see her mother in person at least one last time. Sad to say we finally ran out of time. As a result, my wife was in no mood to put up any Christmas decorations nor celebrate in any way. It is a custom in her culture to mourn for up to one year.

I myself have been struggling to control my depression. The news is depressing enough. And in spite of the more stricter restrictions here in Canada, the number of infections is rising significantly. And in other news, they are reporting that 1 in 2 people will get cancer. When I was younger, it was 1 in 4. Could it be our environment or our food that is attacking us?

I just read that Dawn Wells (Maryann from Gilligan’s Island) passed away from a covid related illness. She was 82. I had a crush on her. Rest in peace Maryann.

Romeena, I am surpised to learn that your dog does not like to be brushed. My dogs loved it. In fact, they would get excited whenever I would just pick up a brush while preparing to brush them. I guess it was like giving them a massage.

G-F and Asa, search the internet for “pex piping issues” to learn more.

G-F, I loved that Sweet Caroline sing-a-long that you posted. I even played along with my guitar and keyboard. Thanks for posting that.
And now for another sing-a-long that will hopefully make you folks laugh.

from Poor Horatio

December 30, 2020 - Msg 115901:

Thanks PH, that was a good one! But so sorry to hear of your wife's mother and aunt. Very weird times for sure. I have basically stopped watching the 'news' because the first 20 minutes (or MORE) is all virus stuff! I tune in for a few sports scores, but that's about it anymore.
Tonight we went to "Cruise the Zoo" at the Phx Zoo. For many years they have
had "ZooLights" where one can walk around the zoo and see the lights and fun illuminated animal light displays, but this year they made it a drive thru event, which was actually kinda neat.
Oh, PH, I heard today on the radio that in a poll of teenage boys in 1967, 94 percent liked Mary Ann over the 'glamorous' Ginger!! I think we ALL had a crush on Mary Ann. ha

Tonight's tags ep was about Gomer's date, Mary Grace, played by Mary Grace Canfield. GF--has she ever been to a MDs ?

God bless and prayers,

December 31, 2020 - Msg 115902: MDC...No she has not been to M/D’s... She did come when they had the events in Bradford Ohio years a go.
Here’s a link ...


December 31, 2020 - Msg 115903: Good New Years Eve all.

MDC, Count me among that 94 percentile. I always thought Mary Ann was a cutie. So sad to read of her passing. I saw her a few years back on an episode of Chopped. She still looked pretty.
I have seen that video on the link you posted with Matt before. I need to find that episode of This Old House that talks about the pin hole issues. I have a lot of faith in Richard. And the idea that it is from particles of the anode rod causing the problems seems reasonable, although not all of my leaks were on just horizontal runs of pipe. I had just as many on the vertical runs. I am very aware of the process of corrosion that takes place between copper and iron. I had also read back when I was researching this that perhaps a small shaving of steel from a steel pipe thread might have gotten in there and created the problems. All I know is that I had numerous failures and they all had some common themes. All but 1 on domestic hot water lines with circulation pumps and no pressure reduction valves. Also another common feature, every pinhole was within about a 1/2 inch of a soldered joint. Again in researching it I found a number of claims that if the inside of the pipes had not been deburred, a small vortex can be created and cause issues. But on every leak I repaired I could find no evidence of the pipe having a burr on it. I actually cut a number of the pipes open lengthwise to see what was going on. The inside of the pipe was clean and green except right by the pinhole. There were small little grooves (almost like you would see a termite do to wood) non extending more than a 1/4 inch or so. Based on that, the idea of some type of foreign material being in there and causing the problem seemed likely, although I am still not sure why it would be confined to just nearby a soldered joint. For what ever reason, those kind of things fascinate me and I like to try and figure them out. But we never seemed to have the time to do so. There were always 10 other jobs waiting to be done. 10-4 GF?

PH, I am sorry to read about the situation you and your wife have had to deal with. That is difficult for sure. I do not watch the news (or am very selective as to what news I listen too) because it is just depressing. And typically most news I believe is biased and is trying to promote something, or discredit something or someone. And most news reports I have seen seem to focus on the worst case senario (that is if it happens to go along with their agenda). I know I sound cynical, but I have been around long enough and seen enough to feel confident in my thinking.
You mentioned that these events has caused you to struggle to "control your depression". Not wanting to pry, but if you have been diagnosed as clinically depressed I hope you are taking any prescribed medicine for that, or are seeking medical help. They are saying this is causing a lot of folks some difficulties. It sure makes me appreciate all that my parents and grand parents went through in their generations. After my Son passed away back in the summer, I was getting pretty down, but I always try to think of all my blessings. And I have many blessings if I will see them as such. One of the things I have learned with this is to not take things for granted. For example, I used to think of my weekly trip to the grocery store as a burden. Something I had to do. Something I really didn't like to do. Then in March, one morning I go to the store and find a bunch of empty shelves. I was stunned at how fast things had changed. Then the store reduced their hours, yet we were being told to social distance. So for a couple of months we ordered our groceries on line for delivery. For a while we got very little of what we ordered because the store was out of stock. Well thankfully most of that has ended and things are somewhat back to normal. And today I see a trip to the grocery store as a blessing, especially if I am able to get everything I need, which in most cases now I am. And am very thankful that I have the means to be able to buy those things I need. I know there are many that are not so fortunate and my heart goes out to them, as well as any help I can offer, which I have done and will continue to do when possible. So just a thought for you my friend, count your blessings. I remember years ago reading this saying that would really make me think. "I used to cry when I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet". Boy I used that line on my kids a lot growing up. lol But I think they understood what I was trying to get across. I hope this doesn't come across as though I am trying to preach to you, but rather as a friend trying to reach out to help you up, because that is the intent. :)

Cold and gray here this morning, even some snow dropping. But not much. A good day to sit by the fire and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa.

Prayers for all for a safe and happy new year.


December 31, 2020 - Msg 115904: Good morning porch! Hope everyone is getting ready to usher in 2021,

I have taken all my Christmas decorations down, put them away and getting things ready for a new year. I have been off several days and go back on Monday to a busy work week so figured I had better get things back in order on the hone front.

Mr. Maude and I are celebrating 32 years of marriage today...
We will go out for supper and then back home. We such a wild couple... lol

Wishing everyone a good day and Happy New Year!
Prayers and blessings
Big Maude

December 31, 2020 - Msg 115905: Good morning, porch. Cloudy, rainy and cold here today. A good day to stay in the house and get things ready for a turkey dinner tomorrow for the family. Lots to do, can't visit for long.

PH, I'm sorry for your wife's loss and her grief. That's terrible, to lose two loved ones like that. She will be in my prayers. This Covid thing has caused a lot of heartbreak for people all over the world. A good friend's brother is in ICU, just hours from passing. Not Covid, he has widespread cancer, but still the Covid restrictions are preventing his family from being with him. Not even his wife is allowed in, because most of the other patients in the ICU have Covid! Fortunately, the doctor tells the family that he is not aware of anything, so isn't feeling abandoned. I hope that's true, but it still doesn't help the family. I hope Red China is proud of itself, and I'm sure they are. The entire rest of the world is suffering, thanks to them, and every other country should enact strict sanctions against them, and teach them a little respect. This is what happens when a Socialist/Marxist/Communist government takes over. Be warned.

PH, Trinket is simply too busy to be still and let me brush her. She's getting better about it, but she's just got so much pent-up energy, and curiosity. She tries to take the brush or comb out of my hand, she wiggles, sits down, lies down, anything to interfere! But I love her!

MDC, that zoo thing sounds like fun! I would really enjoy that. I don't know how the zoos are still operating. The expenses are terrible, feeding all those animals, and zoo attendance is practically nil, so their income is decimated. I think the government is helping some. I hope. I read where many zoos are partnering with the city brush control units. When they trim or cut down certain trees, they truck the branches to the zoo, and it's fed to the animals who browse trees, like elephants and giraffes, and a lot of the deer-type critters.

Well, guess I'd better get busy. I've got to make fruit salad, cook some cranberries, make a dessert, cook some blackeyed peas, prep the veggies to go in the dressing in the morning, vacuum the living room and office, do a little laundry, and wash my hair. I'm not getting those things done by sitting here at this keyboard, so guess I'd better get moving.

Happy New Year, everyone! Stay home, stay warm, stay well. Blessings! --Romeena

December 31, 2020 - Msg 115906: Wow. Asa and Big Maude, you sneaked in there above me, while I was talking on the phone with Eloise! Big Maude, Eloise was telling me that she has all her Christmas decorations put away, too. As for me, I haven't even thought about it. I'm still moving ornaments around on the tree! If I see one that would look better in a different spot, I move it! I'll be doing that until the day I take it down, probably. I'm in no hurry, and it will probably all stay up until at least the middle of January. I hate to take it down! The outside lights are still blazing, too, but will probably come down this weekend. I leave them up until all the gatherings are over, so the house looks festive when people arrive.

Asa, you always offer such good suggestions and wise counsel. You're so right about the grocery stores. Actually, the shortages in our little local Kroger began several years ago, long before Covid. When Dale and I moved to Irving, 47 years ago, one factor in our decision was that the city was dry. Then, after many repeated attempts to change that, the "wets" finally barely squeaked by and won an election that allowed wine to be served in restaurants. The next year, they added beer in the grocery stores. Oh, and any little hole in the wall that sold bread and milk could call itself a grocery store and sell beer. Our Kroger remodeled their store, put in two aisles of beer and wine, scrunched the other aisles up to make room, and eliminated a lot of things they used to sell, because there wasn't room! Just little things - fewer choices. Example - I put maraschino cherries in the fruit salad I make. I make a huge bowl of it because everyone loves it, and I always bought a big jar of the cherries, about 10" tall. Now, they only carry the little 4" jars, it takes three to be enough, and they cost about $2 more than one big jar. Worst of all, with the free-flowing booze in town now, the city has become much rougher, and in many areas, gunshots are reported every night. Burglaries and robberies are common, and before the booze came in, that was not true. Oh well, nothing I can do about it, other than to avoid certain parts of town, keep my doors locked and alarms set, and my loaded gun on the bedside table! I don't mean to sound cynical, I'm just trying to be realistic, and careful. I just wish John Barleycorn had stayed out of my nice little town.

Happy Anniversary, Maudie! --Romeena

December 31, 2020 - Msg 115907: Romeena, It sounds like from your description of your town that George Bailey never was born. Sadly what you described has happened in a lot of places.

Happy Anniversary Maude.


December 31, 2020 - Msg 115908: Maude...Congratulations...Congratulations...Congratulations....In my best Gomer voice....

Yes PH...This is a difficult time of the year for a lot of people in a normal year let alone all that went down this one.
I think most everyone will glad to see 2020 go. But I don’t think 2021 will be much better for many months to come, but that’s life for now....

On a lighter note for those of you interested in the Mayberry Man movie 🎥 progress, here’s the rough cut trailer...


December 31, 2020 - Msg 115909: Wow, that is rough, PH. I am so sorry. I don't have very many regrets in life but I do have one that I think of often. After my mother died, I was determined to take a trip to visit her younger sister, Linda. I had not seen her in person in 20 years, although we kept in constant contact and I was very close to her. I told my husband I was going to see her that year but I was talked out of it. We made a different trip instead, that was not as far from home. She died the following year and I never got to see her. To think, I could have. I didn't have the obstacles that your dear wife had but I didn't go. It bothers me still.

Good advice, Asa, thank you. I need constant reminding of my blessings, as I tend to look at other people's lives, their children moving on and seemingly healthy, and feel pain because mine struggle so much. I start to think, "Why me?", because I invested so much in my kids, but then I think about parents like yourself, who have lost a child, and I think how blessed I really am. Where there is life, there is hope. God be with you and your family in the coming year, and may you continue to live a life of gratitude in the hard times.


December 31, 2020 - Msg 115910: MDC...Thanks for the card and note...It came today, I see you chose the “Mr. Colored Pen” 🖊 set? 🤣👍


January 01, 2021 - Msg 115911:

H A P P Y ... N E W ... Y E A R ! ! ! :) mdc

January 01, 2021 - Msg 115912:

Oh, GF, if you are talking about the Christmas card,
I sent it two weeks ago!! Wow, I'll have to talk to our Pony
Express riders about that! :)
PH--Asa said it all my friend! Please know that you and yours are in my prayers.
Boo-no one can ever say that you love your kids 'too little!' :) You are a good mother. Sometimes that
desire of the kids to fly from the nest can be trying, but it's the cycle of life!
All my best to your family in the new year.
RO--have a super family time on Jan. 1, 2021!!!
God is still on the throne!
We ended the year by going to
church tonight, and it sure was a good feeling.
Nite all,...see ya next year! :)

January 01, 2021 - Msg 115913: May the New Year bring many blessings to us all.

Happy 2021!!

possum u.a.r.

January 01, 2021 - Msg 115914: Good morning, porch, and welcome to 2021! I am happy to kick 2020 to the curb, and look forward to some improvement in 2021.

Asa, thank you for being here for us, and for the wise counsel you offer from time to time. Due to circumstances beyond your control, your life has had its hardships and heartbreaks, but you have taken them in stride, leaned hard upon the Lord, and set an example for the rest of us. I thank God for you, and for others like you, every day.

Boo, let me just "ditto" what Asa said about you. You have been dealt some blows with your family, but you "keep on keeping on" and sooner or later, the sun will shine in your back door, my friend. Prayers!

MDC, you are a good friend. You offer good suggestions, good advice, ask pertinent questions, and are unfailingly cheerful, like Asa. You keep your life centered on God and His will, and you keep us mindful of His blessings.

I thank God for all of you. Big Maude, Possum, G-F, PH, and more recently, Sarah. There are so many others, but these folks are the ones who come immediately to mind, because of their frequent presence here. I hope that in 2021 the less-frequent porch-sitters will return - Spot, Sterling, and so many others. Come on home, friends! Set a spell! Whaaat's your hurry?

Blessings, friends. Happy New Year! --Romeena

January 01, 2021 - Msg 115915: Happy New Year, folks

I am still around and getting thru this mess like the rest of you. I made a New Year's resolution...I have cut out EVERYthing news wise. I have had enough of the election, unrest, COVID, all of it! So, I have cut out all social media (Twitter, Facebook, conservative sites, etc) and am going on with life. I am a Trump supporter and hope he is relected, but that's all I want to know. Things have gotten so absurdly stupid that I have went almost back to my teen years where I didnt pay attention to it.

Had a small gathering at THanksgiving and Christmas and I believe we all ducked the COVID bullet. There were only seven of us at both, so I think we are ok.

I have been lookin in on the porch every now and again. Havent had much to say. I am sorry that so many of you have had hard and trying times. I hate to see it.

Didnt celebrate New Years last night. 2020 was a nightmare and I imagine we are in for most of the same for 2021. Wife and I sat and watched "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" as the clock struck midnight.

The entire valley and surrounding area here is encased in ice and now heavy snow with tiny flakes is falling.

Hope you all remain safe and have a personally great start to the New Year!

John Masters

January 01, 2021 - Msg 115916: In spite of my recent postings, I wish everyone here a much improved new year. And thank you for all of your well wishes.
I try to keep my negative postings to a minimum since I don't like how they might affect your moods. But sometimes I need to vent. And The Front Porch is my only means for expressing how I feel.

We did nothing special to bring in the new year last night. In fact, I was asleep waking up to the occasional firecracker exploding outside.

I miss the old days when our local television station would mark New Years with a Marx Brothers film marathon. And I have some very old memories of my maternal grandmother coming over to baby sit us when my parents would go out to attend a New Year's party with their friends. I loved it when they returned home with lots of New Year's hats, streamers, and noise makers. I wish I could turn back the hands of time even if just for a moment.

Finally, thank you all for being so caring.

from Poor Horatio

January 01, 2021 - Msg 115917: 2021 is starting out great, stimulus funds is in my bank account this morning. Happy new year everyone. A restaurant in my neighborhood, well known chain, was closed down by the health department for being over the 25 percent occupancy. A family member was picking up a to go order and the officer walked in after him and witnessed it. Sarah

January 01, 2021 - Msg 115918: Another year has come and gone .Hope to be back rocking here on the porch more regularly , been missing it but never seems to be time .I need to take the visiting preachers advice and slow down .Between my job and my wifes dream mini farm and my work at the church thats hard to do but I need to make it happen .Happy New Years everyone
Mayberry Deputy

January 01, 2021 - Msg 115919: Happy New Year yall :) -Millie's son