January 01, 2021 - Msg 115920: Happy New Year to everybody here on the Taylor's Front Porch!!


January 01, 2021 - Msg 115921: The porch had 2,351 posts in 2020.

January 02, 2021 - Msg 115922:

Thank you Floyd for all you do to keep the porch trusses stable and the spiders under it under control!! :) And thanks for the clean sweep for new year's!
MD, MD, MD (in my best Nate Bracey way!) So good to see you again,
and John Masters too! Let's make it old home week here on the porch.
Hang in there JM, I am doing about the same. Glad you had a good Christmas with the seven folks. I try to keep in mind how our
parents went thru FIVE such holiday seasons between Dec. '41 to Aug of '45! Hopefully the vaccine will help out a lot as the weeks progress.
Wow Sarah, that deposit sure came fast for ya!
PH, my friend, vent, vent, vent indeed!:) That's one thing I like here is the willingness for all to take such things in stride, and try to be supportive.
And Millie's son, thank you for your posts! So good to hear from you :)

I was watching the cave rescue episode tonight, and ASA, (or maybe it was GF), but you are right, Helen's call went thru, and Sarah (unless she was at the picnic, and a 'sub' was on) would have seen that it came from Helen's house. Good catch.
Also, when Barney is gathering things from the back room, why would there be a 2 X 4 back there??? haha

OK gang, step with your right foot right into 2021 !!! :)
May God be with us,

January 02, 2021 - Msg 115923: Good morning all.

My goodness Romeena, you made me blush with all those nice things you said. Thank you kindly, but I am the blessed one to be amongst all of you fine folks. I appreciate all your wisdom and common sense approach to things, and your spiritual approach to lifes adventures. I feel honored to be thought of as friend.
And same to you Boo, thank you for your kind words I can relate to some of the challanges you are going through with your children. The transition from child to adult can be some of the most challenging times in the parent/child relationship. At least that was the case for us. But hang tough, it will get better.

Hey to Millies son. Glad you popped in. I hope you stick around.

Good to see you John Masters. I think we can all relate to your worries and anxieties about the state of the world right now. That's why we like to come here. Just to get away from it all for a spell. And occasionally get out our soapbox and vent, or express outrage, or offer remedies. It just feels good to let it out every now and again.

MDC, I thought Sarah may have been at the picnic also but Gomer or Barney is at the Courthouse and answers the phone and says "Sarah, was there a call for here or not". Just one of those little inconsistencies that are fun to point out. And I enjoy everyone's ideas as to why it was. lol Maybe the 2X4 was for Barney to practice his karate on. :)

Did you guys hear about that Claude hopper who swallowed a yo yo? lol


January 02, 2021 - Msg 115924: Morning, Porch

Good sweep, Floyd.

MDC - Yeah, I live in a rural part of the Missouri Ozarks and where I live and our families are isnt too populated. So our risk is real low. The virus has hit our two areas hard, but you can skip around it if you're real careful.

Asa - I have found myself gravitating to things from the past. Good old movies, some Looney Tunes, a baseball computer game that is incredibly detailed, and, of course, watching mounds of TAGS. And, as I have stated before, living in this quiet valley makes you feel like everything is ok.
I have been noticing a LOT of inconsistencies in stories and characters on TAGS lately. I hate to pick apart something we all love so much, but sometimes you go "Um...wait a minute..." Notice how absolutely strict Barney is about littering, but has no problem throwing a ripped ticket down to the street after he taught Bob Rogers a lesson at the end of "Barney's Replacement."
And....if Bert Miller is so worried about being pushy, why does he go on to people's property, ring their doorbell and disturb them in their own home, but feels he is being pushy by having a stand where people can come up to him voluntarily?

No, Asa...I didnt hear about him. What happened??

Ok, gang...as Opie said, I better scoot. Hey and Hi to Romeena, Sarah, PH, Boo, SPOT, Maude, Millie's son and everyone else that has the number 44.

John Masters

January 02, 2021 - Msg 115925: Good morning, porch! It's a beautiful day here in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, sunny and bright, but cold (for us) at 44°. After yesterday's rain and gloom, though, it's very nice.

Hey, Sarah, my stimulus check is in my account too! Sure was a welcome sight, thanks for mentioning it, because I went to my account immediately after what you said, and there it was! Yippee!

Well, New Year's Day came and went, and a good time was had by all. It all went so smoothly, and I wasn't even tired after everyone left. I had prepped the food the day before as much as possible - fruit salad made, dessert made, cranberries cooked, black-eyed peas cooked, spinach dip made (love that stuff), and celery, onions and green onions chopped and ready to go into the turkey stuffing. So, yesterday morning, all I had to do was wash the turkey (fresh, not frozen, so no problems with thawing), set him in a big colander and run hot water into the cavity to get him very warm inside, and start the veggies cooking in butter. Add the chicken broth and let simmer until bubbling, pour over dry Pepperidge Farm stuffing mix in an enormous bowl. Put the turkey in the roaster, spoon the steaming hot stuffing into and around the bird, and he's already warm through and through, so into the oven he goes. That 18 lb bird and stuffing cooked for just three hours, and was falling-apart done, because he started out warm, not cold. (Asa, and G-F, it's all about the degree of rise, isn't it?)

Since most of my family, including me, prefers dark meat, I also had a smaller roaster with a layer of stuffing topped by six large, meaty turkey thighs. It went into the other oven about an hour later, and the two roasters finished at about the same time. We had tons of dark meat, plenty of stuffing, and everyone got what they preferred. Eloise and Brittney brought additional veggie dishes, and Terri brought that fabulous Pavlova dessert she makes. There were fourteen of us, and still I sent food home with anybody who would take it (everybody).

Clean-up was taken over by sweet Landry, and I was not allowed to participate. He was the first to finish eating, and he (as always) went directly to the sink and started rinsing dishes and loading the dishwasher, which I had made sure was empty. He was soon joined by his dad, David, who had taught him to do what he was doing. He and his brother, Hudson, have done that since they were about five. Hudson doesn't participate much now, since he's so twitter-pated with his girlfriend, and they're always sitting with their heads together, murmuring sweet nothings to each other. Ahh, young love! The girl is sweet, and we like her, so we cut them some slack. Well anyway - when David and Brittney and their family left last night, the last ones to leave, my kitchen was spotless, dishwasher running, food that remained was put away, and all I had to do was get in my chair and cuddle Trinket. She was exhausted, having played constantly with Diesel. They are so cute together!

I've got enough food tucked away in there to last me for about three days! Yummy! And no cooking, just nuke it and eat. Can't beat a deal like that!

So good to see Millie's son, and we hope you'll come around more often. We all loved your mom, and still miss her, as I know you do. She was a sweet, strong and courageous lady. MD, it's good to see you too. You know you always have a rocker here!

Guess I'll go "hot up" some of those leftovers and have a little lunch. (One of my children, when a toddler, used to say "Mommy, can you hot this up for me?") Stay warm, stay well, and blessings to one and all! --Romeena

January 02, 2021 - Msg 115926: Thank you all for the kind words and ever present encouragement. You are, indeed, the cats.

Happy New Year to Millie's son! Hope to see you here more often.

New Years was fairly simple for us. I made my lasagna and garlic bread and St Susan and Pat came and ate with us. After that, it was take care of critters and watch tv. I was mostly watching Twilight Zone as I usually do on new years. The fireworks around here were insane! My poor dogs seemed to tolerate it better this year than usual, though. Maybe they are getting so old that their hearing is going. ha

I took down most of the decorations today but the tree is still standing. Im not ready to take it down yet. I love the glow and warmth it gives to the living room.

Well, think I will kick back for awhile and enjoy the evening. Stay well!


January 03, 2021 - Msg 115927: Good Sabbath all.

MDC, I believe I found the segment of This Old House that Matt Risinger was talking about in his video concerning copper pipes. So you might want to share this with him. I found it very interesting.

Romeena, It sounds like your dinner was a great success. But I would expect nothing else. I find myself leaning more towards the dark turkey meat as I get older also. Used to be I couldn't stand it when I was a young-un. I wonder what causes that?

Boo, I always liked watching those TZ marathons too, but I forgot about them. I'm not even sure if I have that station anymore. I have whittled my DISH down so much to keep the price down, I think about the only stations I have left are all the stinking shopping ones. We had a lot of fireworks going off here as well. Seems a lot of folks were ready to see 2020 go away. I wish that something as simple as turning a calendar would wipe out all our troubles, but we all kmow better than that.

We have a little snow falling today. Probably not enough to bother Helen with. At least I hope so. It has been a rather mild winter here so far, at least as far as snow fall. We better have some storms in the second half of winter or it's going to be a tough summer for irrigation.

Well we have the early preaching schedule this year so I already had the sermon. Our Zoom Sunday School class starts here in a bit so I will go get in on that I reckon.

Prayers for all.


January 03, 2021 - Msg 115928: Good afternoon porch !..I sure hope to be on here more this year to visit and cook..all good at the dog house..I can now say Pop will be 90 this year ! Mom is 86..both still drive and mom gets her hair done each week...pop mows grass and does yard work..I am so Blessed..also to have friends like this porch...well its chicken salad sandwiches chips and tea - get two ! !...Signed your talking dog of this here porch SPOT !

January 04, 2021 - Msg 115929:
HEY to Spotty, good to see u 'talkin' again! We need a good barn dance to start 2021, and you got the barn to swing it!! :)
Just a quick hello tonight. Spent most of the day taking down
decorations, so will chat more tomorrow!
Please pray hard concerning the Georgia runoff that
it will be fair and totally
above board. :)
God bless,
MDC 'til it be marra

January 04, 2021 - Msg 115930: Spot, you are so blessed to have your parents so active at their age. I will take one of your chicken salad sandwiches and a small side of chips. Watched the episodes of the Taylor's trip to Hollywood and Andy calling Helen long distance person to person. How times have changed don't even have to dial the 1 before the number when calling long distance from my iPhone. Also Helen's blue dress in those episodes were very matronly. If you could go back and change your profession what would you pick? I would pick something in the fashion industry. This is because growing up we had no money for store bought clothes my Mother made most of our stuff or we shopped at second hand stores. Sarah

January 04, 2021 - Msg 115931: Sarah,

I would pick musician. I had piano lessons at 8, trombone in elementary band at 8, guitar lessons at 16 and gave all of them up. Regrettably. Hard to concentrate when your friends are right out your window playing or wanting you to go cruise when youre a teen.

Something to ponder...if Gomer would've had a hard time making an arrest because he wasnt wearing a badge in "Andy's Vacation", does that mean that the ticket Barney gave Gomer for calling in a false alarm in "Citzen's Arrest" by null and void because wasn't wearing a badge when he came to back up Andy at the filling station??

Take care, all!

John Masters

January 04, 2021 - Msg 115932: BE null and void^^^


January 04, 2021 - Msg 115933: John Masters, my son played the trombone elementary thru high school and hasn't played since, I still have two trombones in the attic and an alto sax that my daughter played in elementary and high school. My daughter was in the marching band and I found out recently she was not playing because she couldn't march and play at the same time......yes she is blond 😂. Sarah

January 04, 2021 - Msg 115934:
Sarah, just like John Masters, I would choose being a professional musician.
I started out taking music lessons in the third grade on the accordion because that was an important instrument in my culture. I took lessons up until the twelfth grade so I can also read and write music. When I started ninth grade, I wanted to join the high school band but they did not have accordions, so our band instructor gave three months of drum lessons. Because I could read music, I joined the high school concert orchestra where I was able to play not only the snare drum, but also other percussion instruments such as kettle drums, tambourine, triangle, bass drum and tenor drum. The Byrds had their hit song "Hey Mr. Tamborine Man" on the charts back then (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7eJSdpMEnI) so my band mates gave me the nickname "Mr. Tamborine Man". By my junior year, my high school formed a marching band where I played the tenor drum with them. Also, some classmates and I formed a dance band where we played for school talent shows, weddings and high school dances. We mostly worked on weekends so it would not interfere with our school work. I remained as the drummer in that dance band through my last two years of high school and all four years through college. I also self taught myself the guitar after being influenced by the Beatles. And I did some part time music teaching during this period as well. Then after I graduated from college, I entered active duty with the military and had to give up performing and teaching music. But I would occasionally play my guitars as a hobby up until the present time. But I miss playing with a band. It allowed me to not only entertain myself and others, but also get paid for doing something I loved to do.

from Poor Horatio

January 04, 2021 - Msg 115935:
Sarah and John Masters, with both of you having experience with playing or listening to trombone music, that made me think of two funny things.
#1 - My dad tried to learn the trombone without taking any lessons. He purchased a used trombone and would practice at home. He would hit more wrong notes than the correct ones. He never got the hang of it and wisely gave up.
#2 Arlene Francis was a regular panelist on the What's My Line television program. She also performed in theatrical plays on the side. One of her upcoming roles required her to play a song on the trombone. She appeared on the I've Got A Secret television program where she actually demonstrated her progress after only a couple of months of lessons. I laughed very hard watching the following clip. Click on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOoGhjv2dR0 and cue it up to 20:00. Arlene was such a good sport knowing that her performance would create more laughs than admiration. Enjoy.

from Poor Horatio

January 05, 2021 - Msg 115936:
And while listening to that "music", please understand that the sound you hear is not the horn of a truck trying to pass you on the freeway. That is actually Arlene Francis attempting to play a song on a trombone.

from Poor Horatio

January 05, 2021 - Msg 115937:

PH--watching that clip with Arlene Francis reminded me of the Mayberry Band trying to get
back together on that Sunday afternoon in "What's Your Hurry!" ha neat video! Thx.

SARAH-- we had a lot of hand-me-downs in my family too. It was just the way it was
but we all survived! ha Regarding the career path, I think I still would have
been a teacher. The years that I taught were so very rewarding. I think I've mentioned here on the porch that some former students sought me out on Facebook the past few years,
and we now converse daily after thirty and forty years! :)

GF--I just got your Christmas card today! I guess you will have to talk to YOUR
pony express riders too! haha
BTW, whoever mentioned about the 2X4 in the back room being for Barney's karate is a pretty clever answer! :)

JM-that is a good question about Barney's badge missing in that scene. And then there is the
opposite where Jerry Van Dyke kept saying "I've got a badge!" haha

ASA--thank you for that video about the copper pipes. I will indeed tell my neighbor.
It is very thorough!

All our Christmas decor is now put away, except for the tree. We just can't bring ourselves to touch it yet! Wonder why that is?? :)

Well, my wife's one new year's resolution is to change laundry day!!! Yup, she has done laundry on Saturdays since
we were married, and now that she has been retired for 2 years, she's like, "Duh, I can do it
any day I want now!" But the mystery is still what day it shall be??

Also, for those of you who saw photos of my front yard Christmas display, I'm surprised none
of you mentioned the lights on my ROOF! But actually, my much younger neighbor volunteered his services! :)

Well, I am praying for the future of America tonight!
God bless you all,

January 05, 2021 - Msg 115938: That's a worthy prayer MDC. I will join you in that if I might.
That is neat that you have connected with former students MDC. You obviously left a good impression. I have a former teacher I wish I could find and thank. I was a senior in High School and had to take a history class to graduate. All through my growing up years I was bad at history, mainly because I hated it. HA, I guess I was a lot like Opie. So having to take it as a senior was a real pain. But because of the teacher, and how he taught it, it changed my world a lot, and instilled in me a life long thirst in the subject. I wish I could connect with him and tell him now much he means to me.
I really enjoy Richards segments on TOH. I love how he does cut a ways on what he is teaching. Everything from toilets to water heaters to copper pipe. I have learned a lot from him.
And Cecile is changing washing day? Why that's earth shattering. I say we make wagers as to what day she will pick. My pick is Friday. lol

Sarah, I was the only boy in my family so no hand me downs either. But money was tight so I was highly encouraged to take good care of my things.

PH, That clip got me to remembering my Daughter Stacey when she was in Jr. High. She was learning the violin and would practice in her bedroom. I always knew when she was practicing because our little Doxie, Sammy, would stop everything he was doing and start howling. It was funny as could be. We could be down in the family room in the basement with the tv on and all of a sudden he starts howling. I would mute the tv and sure enough, I could hear Stacey on her violin. How on earth he could hear that over the tv is beyond me. Such warm memories.

Well best get off to the grocery store I suppose. That used to be a Saturday morning event foe me, but like Cecile, when I retired I realized I could go any day I wanted. Awwww, freedom. :)


January 05, 2021 - Msg 115939: Doing laundry on a whim?..I guess it coincides with changing your underwear on a whim?..Who’d a thought!


January 05, 2021 - Msg 115940:

"Barney, Blue don't like that whistle" (:

January 05, 2021 - Msg 115941: MDC, when I was working Saturday was my laundry day also but since I retired I do it whenever along with grocery shopping. Anyone having trouble with getting mail delivered in a timely manner? I paid our utility and phone bills the middle of December and they still haven't been processed. Sarah

January 05, 2021 - Msg 115942: Good morning, porch! Gosh, lots of chatter on the porch today. So good to see! I loved that clip of Arlene Francis and her trombone. What a good sport she was. I miss those old shows, when everyone was so much more, well, genuine than the "stars" of today. We have a few, but not enough.

Regarding music lessons, my mother had me in piano lessons when I was about 9 or so, and it lasted for almost a year. I can read music, but I can't really play the piano. I have one, a nice one with a lovely voice, but I can't really play it. When I do tinker around on it, I just play what I hear in my head, I don't really play by any music. I would never, ever, play when anyone else can hear. It's rudimentary, at best. On the other hand, my grandson Hudson just sits down and plays whatever he has heard, and when he's finished, there's probably not more than a half dozen keys on that whole piano that weren't involved! He's 17, and oddly enough, his taste runs to classical music! He does read music, however. He had piano lessons for a few months when he was about 6, but didn't continue, or show any interest after that, in spite of having a piano in their home. In middle school, he decided he wanted to be in the orchestra, and chose the bassoon as his instrument. The school had to hire a teacher for him, as no one in their music department played the bassoon! They also rented an instrument for him. He took off like a rocket with that very difficult instrument, and by the end of the first semester, he was playing at the level his instructor had hoped he would reach in two years! He does it mostly by ear, not by the music. Then a couple of years ago, he sat down at their piano at home one day and began to play. Beautifully. It just boggles my mind. He does have a little doo-jigger that he uses sometimes, to work out a difficult passage, some little hand-held thing that shows him the chords or something, I don't understand it at all - but mostly, he just sits down and plays. God is good.

Well, Ted came yesterday and replaced the innards on the faucet/shower fixture in my guest bathroom. It was leaking, very slowly, a drop every 30 seconds or so, and I was hoping that would stop the tiny activity in the meter out front, but it didn't. Actually, the meter has speeded up just a tad. It was taking it 58 seconds for one of the five little spikes on the little red wheel to make one full revolution. It's now making it in 36 seconds, so the leak, wherever it is, is getting a bit larger. So - I guess I'll have to go through with the repair, which will involve re-routing the plumbing on the side of the house where the leak is. They're going to go up and over, rather than digging up the foundation slab. Cheaper, cleaner, easier, or so I'm told. Obviously less invasive, even I can see that. I've been through the slab dig-up once, and would prefer not to do that again.

I hope everyone is getting a good start on the New Year, and may this year be better than 2020. It could hardly be any worse. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

January 05, 2021 - Msg 115943: Hey Romeena...I got your Christmas card today. How cool and fitting. Just before I went to the mailbox I fed mine, by the time I passed by the feeder there was one at the feeder with kinda that same look on it’s face...It made me laugh!.🤣
The Squirrel 🐿 that is.....

Yep being retired....Carefree Days doing laundry 🧺 when you want and what time you want....Even on a whim!...
Yep it’s a FUN day!...Now we make a “Event” out of it and take all day to do it....Why?...BECAUSE WE CAN!...


January 05, 2021 - Msg 115944:

ROMEENA, I put a little something special in the mail to you today. Hopefully it won't take too long to get there. That is so great about Hudson and the bassoon. Maybe someday he will play in a symphony orchestra!! Wouldnt that be cool.
SARAh, I have heard that many of the mail processing centers are short-handed due to the virus. So I guess that is why
we are currently experiencing some slowdowns.
ASA--when you mentioned about your history class, this song came to mind
(haha) :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HoVF6iv7OE
Actually, I didn't like history much either; but about 20 years ago I found a great book on WWII, what led up to it, and all the way thru to VJ day. It was really good, and I actually read the whole thing! :)
This is just a thought, but if you want to give me the name of that history teacher, I could see if he has a facebook page, or perhaps an obit, but ya never know, he may still be out there somewhere wondering how YOU turned out! :)

Hang in there gang, one day at a time.

January 06, 2021 - Msg 115945: Good afternoon, porch. Hope everyone is okay on this day, which can be a turning point day for America. It just doesn't feel like America anymore. OK, I won't go there.

I'm surprised at people still receiving my Christmas cards. I sent them out in the middle of December! If China's intent in releasing the COVID virus was to disturb and weaken our national infrastructure, I'd say they did a pretty good job. Not us to us, but they've thrown the whole world into turmoil. I'd like to say that God's going to get them for that, but I'm very much afraid that actually, God is "getting" us for what we've been doing. We need to remember 2 Chronicles 7:14. Look it up.

Yep, this retirement thing is pretty good, I guess. It was more fun when I didn't have to wear a mask when I leave the house, but still, it's nice to wake up when I wake up, not when the clock says I must, and I can lie there and cuddle little Trinket and know that the day is ours. She is such fun! She just takes the day as it comes. If I stay in bed for a little while, watching TV, she just snuggles up and goes back to sleep. If I get up, she bounces around with "what are we gonna do today?" written all over her. She takes every step I take, she alerts me to the mail or any other other occurrence, she clearly expects to have a share in anything I might eat, and if it's something she can't have, she has a little 5-minute huff, then forgets about it. At this moment, she's curled up in her little fluffy cuddlebed, under my desk, and if my feet are close enough, she will bestow a little puppy kiss on my ankle from time to time. She's just a little delight, and I count her as one of my many blessings.

Eddie was here yesterday, and got the yard cleaned up, and just about all put to bed for the winter, if winter ever really gets here. I've still got pansies blooming their little heads off out there! My flowering kale is beautiful, and that's about it. One good hard freeze, if we ever get one, will kill the color out there. Eddie will be back next week (darkness caught him) and finish putting mulch on all the beds. We're trying hard to put an end to the huge invasion of weeds that we got from some weed-infected mulch that I bought at an unfamiliar garden center a little over a year ago. I should have known better. Every bed we put that stuff on just burst forth with weeds like you wouldn't believe. Never again! I think that garden center planned it that way. Sell you the weedy mulch today, sell you weed killer for the next two or three years! Well, not me. My yard is pretty much chemical-free. The weeds were hand-pulled, and we use corn gluten meal as a pre-emergent weed killer. We've just about gotten rid of them, this spring will tell the tale.

Well, guess I'll go rustle up some lunch. There is still a tiny bit of turkey left in there, I think I'll finish it off. Trinket will be happy, because I can share that with her. Gotta love a puppy! Blessings, friends! --Romeena

January 06, 2021 - Msg 115946: Make that "not just to us" in that first paragraph up there! --Romeena

January 06, 2021 - Msg 115947: Second paragraph! Good grief! Maybe I need to go back to bed! --Romeena

January 06, 2021 - Msg 115948:

Prayers for America :(

January 06, 2021 - Msg 115949: mdc

January 07, 2021 - Msg 115950: After today, I have zero faith in the American government and will never vote again. This unprecedented day in our nation's history had stripped us of our voice and individual presence. As much as it makes me sick to do so, I will follow the left's example as I will not recognize Joe Biden, nor his administration, as my President.
Today, American democracy died.

John Masters

January 07, 2021 - Msg 115951: Flibbertigibbet!

Aunt Bee

January 07, 2021 - Msg 115952: Amen, John Masters.

possum u.a.r.

January 07, 2021 - Msg 115953: Good morning, porch. JM, don't worry about it. Ol' Creepy Joe won't be in office very long. He's ill, that's obvious, and he's in Kamala's way. The problem will be solved, one way or another, and we will have a whole new problem, probably a lot worse than what we have now. You think things are scary right now? Wait until we have President Kamala.

We shouldn't be surprised at the turn of events. America has shoved God into the background at every turn, even to the point of forbidding people to worship. We have allowed all sorts of twisted, sinful behavior to run rampant. We have glorified people who exhibit sick and aberrant behavior, in the name of "rights." Our schools are teaching that religion is repressive and outdated. We are doing exactly what the Bible said we would do - calling good, evil, and evil, good. (Isaiah 5:20). We have done our best to remove God from our country and our lives. It appears to me now that God has had enough, and is telling us - "you wanted it this way, well now you've got it. Good luck."

At 81, I won't have to contend with this broken world and this very broken country much longer, but my children and my grandchildren will, and that breaks my heart. Even though I fear God is no longer listening to us, and who would blame Him, I still pray and hope that He will stick with us just a little longer. Perhaps when the demented Left sees what the country looks like in four years, there will be a turning back. That's all we can hope for.

It's going to be difficult to accomplish, however. They've had a lot of practice in manipulation of elections, George Soros has funded all sorts of shenanigans, and will continue to do so. To get a true election now will be very difficult. (Sound like any other countries in recent memory?)

OK, that's enough of that. We have been swindled, been "had", and it's over. Nothing more to be said or done, it won't matter now. Creepy Joe will continue to fondle little girls, even on camera, (Google it, quickly, before it's taken down) and so it goes. And to think people castigated Trump because he made crude remarks about grown women, none of whom seemed to mind very much. God help us. --Romeena

January 07, 2021 - Msg 115954: While everyone certainly has a right to their beliefs, I sadly find it difficult to be here because I have a different opinion. I don’t go into it but it’s a painful time for all of us and none of us knows if the information we are receiving from every direction is even always true. I am still reeling from what happened yesterday but won’t dare say where I believe the blame lies. Like Bee said, “tik a lock”. I’m so tired of politics coming between friends, especially Christians. I don’t fit in anymore, although I still love everyone and cherish your friendship. I find myself relating to how my kids must feel after “coming out”. I am no longer silent about my problems with the current administration and conspiracy theories, but because I have so many conservative friends that I love, it is hard to hear the rhetoric about how evil democrats are.


January 07, 2021 - Msg 115955: Romeena is nuts. That last post of hers sure does say something about her. Bitter old lunatic.


January 07, 2021 - Msg 115956: My Romeena makes a lotta noise when she eats spaghetti too. - Ernest T.

January 07, 2021 - Msg 115957: Hey FLOYD, how about doing something about this ^

This low life troll says nothing for weeks until someone says something supporting Trump or bashing the left side and, from nowhere, we get bull like this.

Obviously, this person has no life to speak of. Would like you to come around frequently and delete these posts.

John Masters

January 07, 2021 - Msg 115958: Next!💈


January 07, 2021 - Msg 115959: Amazing how folks don't holler until their toes get stepped on. I figured that outspoken post would pull the spiders out from under the porch, and it did. They're like old sleeping dogs. They're quiet until you step on their tail, then they yelp. There will probably be more hollerin', and that's okay. I've said my piece, and now we'll see where we are in four years. I'll sleep just fine tonight. Blessings to my friends, and forgiveness to any hidden enemies. --Romeena

January 07, 2021 - Msg 115960: Boo, check your email. --Romeena

January 07, 2021 - Msg 115961:

I 'sigh' for my country tonight, I pray for my country tonight.
Boo, you have been here on the porch longer than I have, but I have 'watched' your kids grow up, and I observed when you made the move from your tiny apartment your new big home with the many animals and the huge yard. Everyone here supported everyone, no matter what was going on. We saw many 'pass over' to the hereafter such as Tom, Millie, and Rev. You have done little things for many here, and this year you even made everyone a kitchen helper. All views have been welcomed here ever since I have been here. We all disagree from time to time, but this porch has also always been our escape to simpler times, to talking about tags, to being 'trained noticers,' to listening to each others' thoughts, such
as recently happened with Poor Horatio. I look to the episode that aired tonight about Gomer getting the solo gig over Barney; but Gomer went out of his way to try to let Barney do the solo. That is how I think we've always been here on the porch, just settin' around jawin' and helpin' and listenin', etc. Everyone has an opinion
as we can see, and so it goes. We all know that from time to time we 'drift' a bit from tags with some banter, but that's all part of life. Now, we could have gotten into the whole thing of the Hundreds of days of violence in Portland and Seattle this past summer, but there are many other forums on the web to go back and forth about that. I pray for a return to civility, to putting the ten commandments back INTO our courthouses and schools, and to turn to God in a BIG way, and I mean REALLY BIG way. Our country will only survive if we do that.
It pains my heart to see how much change there is in the generations right now. The young people are the future of our country, and I just pray that God will influence them and
rise up good leaders as he has done in the past. God, please help America. Return LOVE to America.
I love you all,
Mr. Darlin's Cuz :)

January 08, 2021 - Msg 115962:

No hidden enemies, nobody lying in wait.
Just regular people who don't like your offensive negative writings as of late. You are too used to nobody calling you on these matters. Do better.


January 08, 2021 - Msg 115963:
So sad at what could have been a peaceful demonstration at the US Capitol but ended up with five people killed, countless injured, and significant property damage. Although I am a legal permanent resident of Canada, I am still a US Citizen. This morning on the radio, I heard President Trump finally concede but did not accept any blame. At least that is a start to the healing process.

from Poor Horatio

January 08, 2021 - Msg 115964: Good morning all.

Times are indeed trying.
#115962, you say no hidden enemies, nobody lying in wait, and can't even put your name to it? Your name calling and stealthy posts tell me all I need to know about you. Man up, apologize and talk to us like "regular people". You can do better, I hope.

Boo, I agree with what MDC posted. It pains me that you find it difficult being here. We all love you and your family. We may not always agree on everything, but that shouldn't keep us from being friends. I do hope you will stay with us. We need you. :)

So much more I want to say, but will refrain in doing. Just not the place for it with emotions so high.

Romeena, we love you and I enjoy your posts much. The truth sometimes is tough to handle for some folks. Can cause many a snowflake to melt away. I know you are a tough Texas gal and are probably not bothered in the least with the interloper, but I stand with you my dear.

I guess the porch here ain't much different than Mayberry. The episode when Ellie runs for City Council had the town divided. Name calling and scheming was going on then as well. It got a bit ugly in the colored episodes also, when Aunt Bee ran for office. But in the end, folks all made up.

Well best get rolling. We have had some mild temps here the last few days. Has made working out in my shop more comfortable. I reckon I'll go out there again today and tinker around.


January 08, 2021 - Msg 115965: Morning, Porch

"B" or "Bee", you're a pathetic little thought police troll who is probably manning what we say from Mama's basement. Your leftist patrolling of making us cave to your thought process is falling on deaf eyes and ears. We already have a moderator, thank you. Why don't you go play with soccer with your little Antifa buddies and find a life outside of us. Your sanctimonious lessons are a laugh since you never ever show up unless one of us say something you dont like.

John Masters

January 08, 2021 - Msg 115966:

Good morning all.
As I mentioned above, there are countless sites on the web that are designed for all kinds of thoughts.
I hope we are all here MAINLY because our love for tags. I have always tried to make that the
main part of my posts. Please, let's keep that in mind. Thanks. Prayers for all.

January 08, 2021 - Msg 115967: Hello porch , been getting a little snow here in Western N.C. but temps have been in the mid 30s all day so only a little laying in the grass , it is suppose to end around 9 this evening and will be in the upper 20s in the morning so black ice is very likely . Hope everyone has a blessed evening
Mayberry Deputy

January 08, 2021 - Msg 115968: Folks. My dear Bee has always had an issue holding her elixir, and for that she is sorry for her over the top comments to Romeena. Bee had intended to use tact and diplomacy, but that went by the wayside after her second bottle, and after reading that Boo was upset.
I don't know anything about snowflakes melting away, Asa. All I read was Romeena melting down and dumping her views. Nobody likes that, not that kind of toxicity. John Masters - a true third party if I ever saw one. Work on your issues, and you'll be a better on-line presence here.
Roger Hanover

January 08, 2021 - Msg 115969: I'm done here, folks. For some reason, when I have said my personal feelings, this troll seems to come at me the hardest.
I mean, why not, the Biden cronies are already starting the cleansing of what they dont like, so I will not be the hardest target, I will refrain from further posts.

John Masters

January 08, 2021 - Msg 115970: Big Freeze! It ain't worth it, friends. -- "Melted Romeena"

January 08, 2021 - Msg 115971:

Good evening all. Andy's vacation episode was on me-tv tonight.
I have mentioned about this in the past, but one would think that ol' Barn would have noticed that the con had on Andy's jacket. haha. Just one of those inconsistancies.
RIP Tommy LaSorta. He managed the Dodgers for about 20 years, and I think 2 championships.
I'm not sure yet how our locals are going to handle spring training this year which is only about a month away.
I'm sure all the teams will be here, but maybe we won't be able to attend any spring games.
MD, we have been having several days now in the 70s. Nice, real nice.
Had one of those doctor appt days today with dentist and GP.
All is well tho, just some check ups.
Thank you Jesus. Prayers,
MDC :)

January 09, 2021 - Msg 115972: Good morning all.

MDC, Glad you are ticking and kicking buddy. I am afraid I am going to have to see the tooth Doctor again. One of my teeth has become sensitive to pressure. It's the same one he did a root canal on last year which is odd. Maybe it's just a sinus issue.
I guess old Barney was just so excited to try and capture the prisoner, he wasn't in his right mind. lol

I was watching the episode with Mr. Wheeler yesterday. I still wish he would have been a regular on the show. I think they could have had a lot of good episodes with him and his character.

My goodness, spring training, the gold tournament is coming up for you guys as well. I always enjoy the crowd involvement on #16 at the Open.

They have started inarculating some of the health care workers here with the second shot. So I amd hopeful this will be the start to the end of this virus. The number of new cases here the last few days have been real high. They say because of Christmas gatherings.

Mayberry Deputy, that black ice is sure challenging stuff to deal with. We had some here the other morning also. I hate driving in it because it is so devious. The roads look to be okay, but that's not the case a-tall.

Romeena, how is Trinket doing with her tonsils? I hope she is better.

Well back off to my shop. It is still cool in the mornings, but warms up pretty good by afternoon. It is nice to be able to get some things done out there.