February 16, 2021 - Msg 116197: Mavis..You have GOT to come!..Just a FYI if you want to stay at the Mayberry Motor Inn ya better call NOW.
They said they are 1/2 booked up already...Early Bird gets the room...There’s plenty of room for everyone to social distance, it worked out fine last year...Hope some of you guys can make it....


February 16, 2021 - Msg 116198: Gee..I shoveled ❄️ so I thought I’d clean up the porch too while I’m at it..G-F

February 16, 2021 - Msg 116199:
Mavis, so sorry to learn that you have no income. See if you qualify for https://www.ssa.gov/disability/ and check out https://tinyurl.com/o1294538.
And since you are an avid reader, check out the free audio book program at https://www.overdrive.com/apps/libby/ which should be available through your public library. And if you don't have library card or a current one, they are free to apply for.

from Poor Horatio

February 16, 2021 - Msg 116200:

Poor Horatio, that's mighty nice advice from a guy 'related' to that fellow
who only gave 3 cents to the children's fund! :)
I hope everyone who has been caught in the big freeze
are doing OK. Please check in. Thanks

Did you all (especially GF and ASA) hear about the lady who who
used Gorilla Glue on her HAIR!? Yup, her hair!
Apparently, with the help of a plastic surgeon, it is all out now. Crazy stuff! :)

I almost don't want to mention the 67 degree days that we are having here, but, oops, I guess I just did! :)
Y'all be careful out there.

February 17, 2021 - Msg 116201: MDC....That is Crazy!...https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QthlA8A8G3s “pun intended”...
BTW...It is a blazing 1 degree here right now...Dang cold 🥶 as REV used to say!....


February 17, 2021 - Msg 116202: Gorilla glue and hair spray, I don't know how anyone could confuse the two. Also why does she have Gorilla glue where she does her hair? I either do my hair in the bathroom or bedroom and I think my better half has some Gorilla glue in his workshop. Sarah

February 17, 2021 - Msg 116203: R.I.P. Rush Limbaugh.


February 17, 2021 - Msg 116204: Good afternoon, porch! I thought I'd better check in. All is well here in the vicinity of my rocker. Cold as blitzen, but I still have power, have had no outages, though most of my little town have been without power, off and on. Some have power for an hour or so, then off for a few, then back on for an hour, etc. I think they call that "rolling outages", but then there are a lot who have been off for over 24 hrs now. Eloise and Jerry came to my house on Monday evening. Their power was out, Jerry had just come home after a day and night in the hospital with a cardiac arrhythmia, and their house was at 48°. Not a good combination. So, they came over here, to a warm house and so far it has stayed that way. I have six inches of snow in the back yard, and the temperature on Monday night went down to -2°, but the house is warm, I have running water with no frozen pipes, and we enjoyed a good visit. Their power came back on yesterday (Eloise was checking her landline phone, which doesn't work when there's no power) and found that it was back on. So they were packing up to go home, she checked again, and it was out again. They just settled back down and stayed again last night. It came back on around noon today, they waited until 3, and it's still on, so they just left to go home a little bit ago.

There are a lot of fluffy birds in my back yard, all perched here and there, looking hungry. I took the top off of a plastic storage bin, turned it upside down and put a lot of different kinds of bird seed in it, opened the back door and laid it on the snow with a little shove to get it a few feet away from the house. By the time I got the door locked again, the birds were gathering around it. I'll toss a few grapes and a couple of apple slices (with the core) out in a little while, for the squirrels. I've got some crackers I can spare, too. Poor little cold critters. I do what I can. I wish I could help the people who are cold and hungry as well. I've got a huge, and I do mean huge, stack of clothing that I can no longer wear after losing weight, and I've been trying for two months to give them away, but no one seems to be interested. It's a car trunk full of clothes, some never even worn, still have the tags, nothing worn out or unusable, all clean and neatly folded. Here's what I get: "We only accept clothing on hangers. Our storeroom is full. We don't pick up, you'll have to bring it in. Call us again in two months. Don't you have any men's clothing? Don't you have any children's clothing?" These are only a few of the lame excuses I get. There are five very heavy, big boxes of clothes. I can't handle that, and then drive clear across Dallas into a doubtful neighborhood to drop them off. I need them to be picked up, but no one wants to do that. Makes me think they don't need them all that bad. Well, I'll keep trying. If we ever get to re-start our Internationals ministry at the church, with ESL classes every Wednesday morning, I'll take them there. Last summer I gave away a big box full, as my weight loss began. I just took them with me when I went to teach, spread them out on top of a grand piano, and the ladies swarmed them, not a thing left. With Covid, it's doubtful that we'll be able to reopen the ministry, but I can hope.

Well, better go settle down and get Trinket in my lap for a while. She's missing her Miss Eloise and Uncle Jerry. They spoil her rotten. I don't, of course. (ha) Blessings, friends. Stay warm, stay well, and keep looking up. --Romeena

February 17, 2021 - Msg 116205:
Romeena, have you checked out https://tinyurl.com/38gyjx8k ? They will pick up donated clothing for free in your area. They even provide people who donate with a tax receipt.
If that link does not help you, check out https://tinyurl.com/w65iryqn

from Poor Horatio

February 18, 2021 - Msg 116206:
Thanks Asa, lung cancer is so devastating.
I watched one of my friends from high school go
thru it. May Rush now rest in peace.
It is Ash Wed. today as we begin 40 days of
pondering what Jesus went thru in the desert
to prepare for his earthly ministry.
Prayers for all,

February 18, 2021 - Msg 116207:

Oh, and Maude, Mavis and Spot may be in the big snowstorm too.
Boo, I hope your power is back on now,
and Ro, thanks for taking in Eloise and Jerry.
Keep well,

February 18, 2021 - Msg 116208: Good morning, porch! Still bitterly cold here, at 25°. That may not seem too bad to you northern folks, but to a Texan, that's "dang cold!" Still about 5" of snow on the ground, but little pockets of bare ground are showing here and there. I have a flagstone pathway from the back patio, curving across the yard to the pond, over the pond bridge and on to the little gazebo. There are pockets of bare stone, almost like footprints, along that path. I assume that's because the stones may have stored some heat before this all hit, and the over-lying snow is melting there first. I can't think of any other explanation. Certainly I haven't been out there walking on that path!

PH, thanks for the links. The first one, to the Kidney folks, looks very promising. I'll contact them after the weather warms up, which is predicted to happen very soon. There probably isn't anyone there now, and I'm sure they wouldn't be out picking up. Yes, our schools and businesses mostly shut down in weather like this. About the only thing operating would be the hospitals and a few restaurants, and most of the grocery stores, though their shelves are bare. Our cities are not prepared for such as this. Dallas has some salt trucks, but not nearly enough, so the freeways are extremely treacherous. Most people just hunker down at home in weather like this, which fortunately doesn't hit us very often, like every few years. Actually, this is the worst I can remember - ever!

I'm so grateful that I didn't receive any of the major disasters that others have. Hundreds of homes have been without power for 2 or 3 days, pipes have burst in so many of them, people are doubling up with family or friends, or moving into a motel, to avoid freezing. Families with babies and small children are getting milk from neighbors when they can, as the stores are empty. Apparently the trucks can't get through to restock the stores. I don't drink milk, so can't help anyone there. I do drink buttermilk, but doubt anyone's baby would want that. I wish I could do more to help, but there's not much I can do. As an elderly woman alone, I'm not inclined to open my home to total strangers. If my husband were still here, he would already have picked up a stray or two, but I think it would not be safe for me to do so. Isn't that sad?

Well, I put fresh seed in my makeshift feeder outside the back door, and there are about 25 birds pushing and shoving each other for a place at the table. Yesterday, I watched a little squirrel digging in the snow. He finally made it through to the ground, and lo and behold, he came up with something in his mouth. I couldn't see what it is, can only assume he dug up something he had stashed there earlier - a nut or something. Maybe a tulip bulb he had dug up and replanted. I often have tulips or other bulb-plants that come up in the middle of the yard, compliments of a squirrel.

Guess I'll go have a little lunch and watch Emergency. I like that show. Gage and DeSoto are so funny, with their interaction with each other, and some of the rescue scenes are extremely well done. Also, Trinket has been in here, huffing little sighs at me, letting me know it's lap time. What would I do without her??

Blessings, friends. Stay warm, stay well, and keep looking up! --Romeena

February 18, 2021 - Msg 116209: Afternoon People of the Porch!

I'm checking in to let y'all know I'm safe, sound, warm and toasty here in NE TN today. We got a bit of snow last night which turned to sleet. Right now it's cloudy and the sky finally quit spitting and it's a balmy 41°
In other great news, I was finally able to book my vaccine 💉 appointment! March 11 is the day I get my first Fauci Ouchie!

Poor Horatio thanks for those disablilty links, I have been trying to get it, but the gov't keeps telling me I'm not qualified 😕 I've gotten a number of excuses but the most absurd one was I don't have enough 'points' meaning I haven't worked long enough. Never mind that I'm tied to an oxygen tube 24/7 according to the powers that be, I can still work. Blows my mind that folks think it's so easy to get money handed to you from the gov't cause I've done nothing but fight for what I have put into the system and I'm still fighting! I am now in the process of looking for a decent disability attorney, I just can't fight them anymore. I did however qualify for food stamps through the TN Human Services so that really helps.
That Libby App looks very promising! Thanks! I'm definitly going to check that out. I do have a library card and use it often for my Kindle. I can't wait until I can actually go back into the library and just sit in the corner and read. I love my Kindle, but there's just something about being surrounded by real books, the smell, the feeling of being home, just the pure joy of it makes this old heart happy.

Romeena I'm so glad you are warm and toasty and safe in that storm. I have worried so about all my Texas friends in this wild weather. Y'all aren't used to that like we are. I for one will be glad to see spring finally show back up. I'm blaming that dadburn groundhog.

MDC is my memory correct in that you are Catholic? I had a grooming client who was Catholic and she turned me on to Novena prayers, she linked me to the ones that she used and we would do them together, sometimes in person and sometimes over the phone. I found it very calming and even though I have quit grooming, (and I'm not Catholic) I continue to pray the Novenas. Anyway, I got an email yesterday that The St Michael the Archangel Novena begins tomorrow! I'd love share and forward the email to you if you are interested. I'm excited about this one, I call on him quite often.

Welp, time for a refill on my coffee and work on the minutes from our last renaissance faire board meeting. Oh the joys of being Executive Secretary LOL
BTW ~ I must say I'm a bit disappointed in y'all, I just KNEW somebody would come back with "I thought Calvin Coolidge said that" after my weather quote the other day. *sigh* y'all are slackin hehe

Later taters


Barney ~ You know what I think I'm gonna to do?
Andy ~ What?
Barney ~ I'm gonna go home, have me a little nap, and then go over to Thelma Lou's for TV

February 18, 2021 - Msg 116210: Mavis...Don’t forget the cashew fudge and the 'West Indian mocha delight,'' ice cream too!...G-F

February 18, 2021 - Msg 116211: Thought I better check in. So glad to see you are safe and warm, Romeena!

We were without power and water for about four days but had power restored last night. I slept like a baby last night! Thankfully, Sean and I slept at St. Susan's for most nights and stayed warm enough. We are still showering over there because we don't have water yet. A water main broke here locally and everyone is without. We had a trickle for a couple days but had to boil the water. We are using bottled water now that Sean bought a week ago, thankfully! Right now the stores are out of everything. People went nuts buying up food in a panic. We are set with plenty of food, so no problem there. Erin was my main concern. She was up near San Antonio with her girlfriend and her girlfriend's little three year old. They were in a very poorly insulated storage unit that is being used as a home. They had no power or water since sunday night and I couldn't get to them due to the icy roads. They were really suffering in the 10's with wind chills even lower and snow and ice. She told me that they could see their breath inside the house and just tried to stay huddled together under blankets for days. Someone brought them some bottled water but they had very little food. The house is outside of town in a small town outside of san Antonio and kind of in the country so nothing was open that they could even walk to. They were not having a good time. Erin wanted help but I couldn't do anything. After four days, a friend of her's that goes to college in san Antonio offered them a place to stay in her dorm room because she had power. They managed to get a ride there and are warm now, thankfully. I was very concerned. Its been a trip, for sure. We just weren't even close to being prepared for something like this. There wasn't even a way to clear major highways or salt roads. We were off the grid for days without even cell phone access. The sun came out today and it got up to 40 degrees, which felt like shorts weather. lol. Its cold again, though, and going to freeze again and get into the 20s again tonight. Im ok though, since I know Erin is ok. Its been something else, for sure. I dread hearing the death toll to the elderly and homeless when this is all over.

Thank you to all who have prayed and been concerned. Texas thanks you.

I will be reading up on the archives later to see what I have missed. Stay warm!


February 18, 2021 - Msg 116212: Mavis, I was just catching up, and I swear "I thought Calvin Coolidge said that" crossed my mind! But Calvin Coolidge didn't say everything, you know! Blessings everyone. Ang

February 18, 2021 - Msg 116213: One more thing, please..another childhood friend died from covid this week. She was my age and an ER nurse. Toni fought covid for six weeks but it won. Please say a prayer for her dear husband Ken, her children and grandchild. its a huge loss for them.


February 18, 2021 - Msg 116214:
Mavis, check out https://tinyurl.com/egtmqkjo
Also check out https://tinyurl.com/yeau46dh where it states in the 11th paragraph the following information: "A number of government financial resources are also available for (Tennessee) residents with a disability that meet income conditions. ... For disability applications, including SSDI, that were rejected, get help with appeals, hearings, and Disability Determination Services. ... To learn more or apply, call the Customer Service Line at 1-866-311-4287."
Maybe you won't need to pay for a disability lawyer.

from Poor Horatio

February 18, 2021 - Msg 116215:
Boo, apparently you posted as I was preparing my post above. So sorry to learn about how your family is suffering because of the freakish weather and the death of a friend.

from Poor Horatio

February 18, 2021 - Msg 116216: Poor Horatio have I told you lately that I am in awe of how you find these links? I have searched and searched and can't seem to find anything that helps. Thanks my friend! I am checking the out now!

Boo I am so glad you have power back and that Erin is in a safe place now. These young'uns sure know how to worry us mamas don't they?


February 19, 2021 - Msg 116217:

Boo-when you mentioned a 3 year old in that terrible, cold storage unit, my heart
just sunk. That mother needs a good taLKING TO!
I know the storm was terrible, but I heard about its potential FOUR days before it came on our weather
broadcasts, and it was not even going to affect us.
I am glad they are OK tho, but that poor child cant do anything for
herself! OK, I better just be quiet, sorry, but I AM glad everyone is ok.
Mavis, yes, I am catholic. For the explanation to the others here, the word novena comes from the latin word for nine, and it is nine days of prayer to remember the 9 days that Mary and the apostles prayed together from the day of Jesus' ascension until the descent of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. I mentined Michael the Archangel the other day in Daniel Chapter 10. He is so vital to our battle against the evil one! There are 9 classes of angels mentioned in scripture. very interesting for sure.
BTW, glad you are ok too. Are you having your ren Faire? Ours here (usually in Feb) was cancelled.

Tonight on Gomer Pyle, the bookie barber was on as, yup, another barber! ha.
In fact, it was very much like the tags about Mayberry going 'hollyhood.'
Must have been the same writers. Tags was the one about the Morrison sisters. :)
Well friends, stay well.

February 19, 2021 - Msg 116218: Good morning, porch. Wow, we're having a heat wave! Our temp is all the way up to 28° here in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. It's causing some interesting things. The sun is shining brightly, and apparently it's melting the snow on the roof of my house, which is trying to drip off the roof (not sure how it's doing that, as I have gutters completely around the house) and as the drips run down, they have formed icicles! That's something you don't see every day in Texas! One of them is nearly three feet long!

I may be behind the times, as I don't own a laptop, and don't want one. I use a Dell PC, about 2 years old, have a great 20" monitor that's sharp and clear, and use a full-size keyboard and a wireless mouse. Those dinky keyboards on a laptop just make me crazy, and while I do on occasion visit the porch via my phone, I hate that little chicken-pecking keyboard too! So most of my communication takes place right here at my desk, which is in front of my big old window on the world, on the back of my house. As I think I've mentioned before, it's a picture window, 5' high and 8' wide, and gives me a panoramic view of my whole back yard. It's pretty out there, and I enjoy it. However, these days, it's a challenge. That wide expanse of snow makes a bright glare, which overpowers the display on the monitor, and it's hard to read. Still, the snow is so pretty, and the antics of the squirrels as they deal with it are so funny and entertaining. They don't seem to be bothered by it much, and there are little squirrel trails criss-crossing everywhere, tiny little footprints. Lots of little V-shaped bird tracks, too. Critters. You gotta love 'em.

Boo, you must have been worried sick about Erin. I don't even want to think about the 3-year old in that situation. The girls have made their decision and they must deal with it, but the little girl had no choice in the matter. Breaks my heart. Living in a storage unit? Well, maybe this experience will be what it takes to fully open Erin's eyes, and prompt her to make better choices. Prayers for her, and for the girl and the baby, as well. God help them.

MDC, I enjoy and appreciate your explanations and enlightening comments regarding the Catholic faith. I think many, if not most of us grew up without a clear understanding of what other denominations believe. Many people grow up without a clear understanding of their own "beliefs." I question whether it can be called a belief, if you don't fully understand it, but it is what it is. You have clarified several things for me, and given me a better understanding of what you believe. I think we're closer in beliefs than I knew. Whatever man has added to beliefs and behaviors over the centuries, it still all comes down to one thing, and that's summed up neatly in John 3:16. That's really what it's all about. Couple that with Ephesians 2:8-9, and it pretty much says it all. I think we both believe that, and that's our common ground.

Well, guess I'll get away from this glare before I become snowblind! Besides, it's nearly noon, and I'm a little hungry. Maybe an apple and a little peanut butter is in order. Trinket might appreciate a refill in her kibble bowl, too. (And a small slice from my apple, with a little peanut butter on it, cut into little pieces for her little mouth. She loves PB!)

Blessings, friends. Stay warm, stay well, and keep looking up! --Romeena

February 19, 2021 - Msg 116219: By the way -- whatever happened to global warming??? --Romeena

February 19, 2021 - Msg 116220: I'm so glad you asked, Romeena. ;) According to NASA, the cold air at the top of the world (the Polar Vortex) is usually held in place by the circulating jet stream. The Northern Hemisphere warming is weakening the Jetstream and allowing Artic air to spill down into the middle latitudes, so cold air is getting to the lower parts of the country. This also causes wetter winters, thus more snow and ice. I am a firm believer in climate change after researching the science.

Yes, Ro, we can hope that Erin is learning her lesson. I was worried but since I couldn't rescue her, it is probably for the best. She texted me yesterday and asked if I could bring her back on Saturday. She said she is ready to get going on her medical appointments and a part-time job. We'll see.

It sure is nice to see the sun shining today. Its in the 30s but doesn't feel so bad. We still don't have running water but hopefully that will be fixed today or tomorrow.

Stay warm and well, everyone.

One more thing; Mavis and I have a mutual friend named Nadine who lost her son early this morning. He had cerebral palsy and had been battling pneumonia. The decision was made to just bring him home with hospice care and he passed peacefully soon after. Please say a prayer for Nadine. She loved her son so much and sacrificed to care for him at home all these years. Thank you.


February 19, 2021 - Msg 116221: Thanks for the reply on the global warming thing, Boo. I believe in climate change too. It's clear and evident in the history of geologic change that can be seen all over the world. Your explanation makes perfect sense.

Prayers for Nadine and family, after losing her son. Perhaps in time she will be able to see it as a welcome release for her son, and ultimately, a release for her as well. Some years ago, I cared for a profoundly retarded man, through several hospital stays. He and his family impressed me so much that I wrote it up as a story, though I never submitted it anywhere for possible publication. I think I'll email it to you, I think you would understand it very well from a nurse's point of view. Like Nadine's son, my patient ultimately passed, but he definitely left a positive mark on a lot of people. God was good. Blessings! --Romeena

February 19, 2021 - Msg 116222: Prayers for Nadine and her family.

February 20, 2021 - Msg 116223:
Mavis, thank you for the compliment. Many people prefer to spend their free time on the internet with the multiple versions of social media, I instead prefer to search the internet for interesting topics and learn new skills and get entertained on YouTube. Even though the Front Porch is my only form of socializing on the internet, I am not interested much in idle chit chat. But when others have a need, I enjoy searching for solutions. So I am experienced in knowing how to phrase questions and what keywords to use in my searches. And I don't give up until I identify something that might help. So never hesitate to post when you can't find an answer on your own.

To Boo and Mavis my deepest sympathies on Nadine's loss of her son. I admire able people who care for the handicapped and disabled. I did the same for my widowed and disabled mother until she passed. I did so willingly and have no regrets even though it had a negative affect on my own personal life.

Romeena, you asked where is global warming? Well global warming is still with us and is believed to be causing the severe colder temperatures throughout much of the United States and other parts of the world. Although Boo did a great job explaining this briefly, I would like to provide more details. The border between the colder arctic air and the relatively warmer air of the middle portions of the planet is a blowing wind, called a jet stream, that rotates around the globe due to the rotation of the planet. But since the arctic is believed to be warming at approximately double the rate as the rest of the world, this is causing the Arctic ice to melt thereby converting into more water. And that extra water absorbs more energy from the sun resulting in heating the air above the water. This decreases the temperature difference between the polar region and the lower latitudes thereby causing the jet stream to weaken. This allows the colder polar air to penetrate the jet stream in the weaker spots which in turn allows this polar air to travel farther south into places such as the USA.

from Poor Horatio

February 20, 2021 - Msg 116224:
Mavis, below is a link that might interest you.

from Poor Horatio

February 20, 2021 - Msg 116225: Dang Poor Horatio....Your education was worth every penny!...Speaking of the Internet, I saw a funny Aunt Bee meme. It said: Arguing with someone on the Internet is like making faces at Stevie Wonder.....


February 20, 2021 - Msg 116226: Good morning, porch! It's around 11 a.m. here, we have a balmy 44°, the snow is almost all gone from my back yard, and the sun is shining like a laser! I haven['t been out to check for broken water pipes, but I think I would know it from the behavior of the faucets in the house. There are two exterior faucets - one in front and one in back - and they're both the "frost-proof" kind, where the actual cut-off is deep inside the wall of the house. I'll go out and check on them later. The only damage I have is the cracked glass in my big window, and (gulp!) that's going to be about $2k to replace.

PH, I was being "fasishus", as Barney says, when I asked that global warming question, but your analysis of it is clear and appreciated. I, too, am in awe of your ability to search out the details about things.

Hooray! I finally got an appointment for this afternoon to get my hair cut! I look worse than Trinket, very shaggy and wild. We are quite the pair. Her hair is hanging in her eyes, full of mats and knots, no matter how frequently I try to comb them out. She can only stand about 15 minutes of combing at a time, then gets very restless and wiggly, and twists herself into a pretzel to reach my hands so she can lick them. That's her way of pleading with me to stop. I do grip the hair between the mat and her skin and hold it so the comb isn't yanking directly on her, but then when I get down to the base of the knot, I have to let go. I work very slowly and just "tease" the hair out of that part of the knot, so it's not too bad, but she just doesn't have the patience to put up with it for very long. Mavis, do you have any suggestions for technique or for a product to help release those knots? I wish you could groom her, although I guess you're more used to short-haired bullies. When you were grooming, did you do all breeds? If so, how about Maltese? Any ideas?

Well, guess I'd better get a bite to eat, then shower and wash my hair. I can't lean back over a shampoo basin anymore, so I have to wash my hair in the shower, and go to the shop with it wet. This will be my first haircut with this person, and my hair is very hard to cut, so we'll see. My friend is out of the hospital, doing fairly well at home, but definitely not able to work. Please say a prayer for Cheryl, that they'll finally be able to diagnose what's wrong with her, and fix it.

Well, I'm off to see the wizard. Blessings, friends. Stay warm, stay well, and keep looking up! --Romeena

February 20, 2021 - Msg 116227:
Romeena, while you wait for our expert Mavis to reply, check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhVbb5p_lSg
And thank you for appreciating my efforts to help.

from Poor Horatio

February 20, 2021 - Msg 116228: Good eve'nin all you fine citizens of Mayberry!
It was bright and sunny on my end of the porch finally and none of that ol' HBO word ❄️ in my forecast for the next 10 days!

Poor Horatio I will keep that in mind next time I can't find something I'm looking up, thank you! Thank you as well for condolences to Nadine. She is one of my dearest dog friends, one of the first to welcome me into the Bull Terrier family and introduce me to the rest of them at various shows. The Bull Terrier community is a very tight nit one and when I say family that's exactly how it feels. She has been surrounded and lifted up by all of us and though we know we can't take hers or Jimi's pain away, we can at least give her a shoulder or ear to lean on to vent, scream, cry or just plain sit in silence with. Bless you for taking care of your mother as well, it's not easy to watch them suffer, it takes a certain kind of strength to do that.
Thank you for that link! I will check and see if I can do that from here or if I have to be in Knoxville. I'm about an hour and half east of there.

Romeena I used to groom all breeds under 30 pounds. When I first started I did all of them, but as my back got in worse shape I had to stop doing the large ones. Maltese were actually one of my favorites to do, they have such sweet little personalities and always seem to be smiling on the world. You sound like you are doing the right thing as far as how you are getting the tangles out, I always hold the hair as well to keep it from pulling and hurting. Maltese have a very fine coat that always seems to get mats if not combed constantly. I always had great success with this product and keep it on hand still for my Cresteds. It's wonderful stuff. https://www.chewy.com/biosilk-therapy-detangling-shine-dog/dp/171917

Are you using a metal comb and a slicker or just a comb? A slicker brush tends to break the hair and make it worse. Metal combs are my preferred comb, I have found the plastic ones tend to cause more static in the hair. Also, don't fall for the 'magical untangling/detangling comb' it's a waste of money and ends up being extremely frustrating.

MDC I'm happy to know my memory hasn't completely failed me and I was right that you are Catholic. I find it more than coincidence that St Michael is coming up for more than one of us in these times, he can get the job done for sure. We did have to cancel our 2020 faire, but we were able to do a virtual faire for everyone, it's not the same as being there in person but it was better than nothing. Our faire is held the first weekend in November so as of right now, plans are a go. Here's hoping we can stay on track. What is the name of your faire? Ours is Appalachian Renaissance Faire. We strive to honor and educate folks on this area's Scots-Irish roots and how they helped form the traditional Appalachian ways we still use to day. Our storyline is based on Mary, Queen of Scots and a "what if" scenario. What if she didn't lose her baby and instead gave birth to twins while locked in the tower? And what if those twins were brought to the new world by one of the other Mary's, her cousin, and hidden in the Appalachian mountains for their safety? We have such fun while we educate others, I LOVE seeing faces light up when 'get it' My character is Granny Wampus, she's the Granny Woman or Granny Witch as they are sometimes called, the healer of the group. She was here when the royals arrived. My character caters more towards the littles than the adults and before Covid wreaked it's havoc, I was hosting crafting classes for them. We'd craft things as I told stories, I miss that. Here's a video I did for them after this all started, Granny Wampus 'reads' Thumbelina. I'll venture to guess, you've never quite heard it read this way. 😉 My grandbabies love when I read to them for this reason. Enjoy.

Welp, I can go on and on about ren faire so I'll hush before I end up writing a book. I have to start my doggy chores anyway so later taters.


~ It's i before e except after c and e before n in chicken.

February 20, 2021 - Msg 116229: Great video of the Maltese grooming btw Poor Horatio! I said earlier that the slicker brushes tend to break the hair, but those type brushes are excellent for long hair.

Ok, off to do my chores, they are looking at me with mutiny in their eyes and they don't honor 'parlay'


February 21, 2021 - Msg 116230: Back to the 60's and sunny here in south Texas and feels like even warmer after what we experienced last week. I got to run my dishwasher and wash clothes for the first time in a week so things are feeling more normal. we still don't have milk, bread or meat in the stores here but we are doing fine here at home.

I was really surprised by the food hoarding. I don't know what people were thinking..were they expecting the Ice Age? How many gallons of milk and loaves a bread does one need? Its kind of like the toilet paper in the beginning of Covid. American mentality, I guess. Most Texas have enough fat on us to last for months.

Just wanted to check in. Hope you are all well.


February 21, 2021 - Msg 116231:

HA HA Boo, you made me laugh! "Most Texas have enough fat on us to last for months." Good stuff.
I haven't sat much for the past few days. Whilst ya all were digging out
of the snowstorm, I was volunteering at our church doing spring cleaning!
Yup, how about that? We were cleaning up the grounds, and super-sanitizing the church, cleaning out a storage room, etc.
Hey Mavis, that was pretty cool. I have only been to our renaissance faire once in it's 20 year run. It was a lot of fun tho. But I see that you really get into it as a character and all. Pretty cool. Good job on the story! :)
PH, are you sure you didn't advise the Professor on Gilligan's Island? ha.
BTW, did he or the Skipper have actual names?? Hmmm...

Well, I'm a bit tuckered, so adios til it be marra,
MDC :)

February 21, 2021 - Msg 116232: MDC, The Skipper name was ...Jonas Grumby....The Professor was Dr. Roy Hinkley...G-F

February 22, 2021 - Msg 116233:
Boo, I also loved your comment about the girth of many Texans. After all, isn't Texas known for having everything big?

MDC, I see G-F has already posted the full character names for the Skipper and the Professor from Gilligan's Island. But I have one more bit of information that most people do not know. Was Gilligan his first or last name? And what was his full name?
Well it turns out that according to Bob Denver who played the character, it was his last name. And even though his full name was never mentioned on the show, the creator of the program told Bob Denver that had he given Gilligan a full name, it would have been Willie Gilligan. I learned this from watching a 1988 reunion of the entire cast on a talk show. If you are interested in watching it, click on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2PJSgZQG_w

from Poor Horatio

February 22, 2021 - Msg 116234: Good morning, porch. Wow! The sun is definitely shining in my back door today! The temp is 61°, and it feels so good! The snow is all gone, and as pretty as it was, I'm still glad we're back to normal. I could probably feed my fish today, but I imagine their water is still very cold, so will wait until tomorrow, and let them warm up a little more. My pond lady tells me that their digestion slows down and almost stops when they're very cold, and if they eat, it can actually be harmful. In nature, there probably wouldn't be much to eat at those times, so if I feed them when they wouldn't normally be eating, it can be detrimental. Hard to resist, though.

Mavis, your video is great! That must have been a lot of fun. Thanks for the link to that detangler. I think I'll order some. I use metal combs, with revolving teeth. They seem to pull less than those with stationary teeth. I have a wire slicker brush, but rarely use it. It does seem to break the hair. I have a brush my beautician gave me for Trinket, she uses it on people whose hair tangles easily, and it works pretty well. I pull the matted hair backward, and use that little bristle brush to work at the base of the mat, a fraction of an inch at a time, and it does seem to do a good job without pulling out hair excessively.

PH, thanks for that link. The idea of setting a comb behind the mat before cutting is a great tip, and makes it all safe for the pup. Why haven't I ever thought of doing that???

Well, I finally got a hair cut. Almost wish I hadn't done it. My hair-cutter friend referred me to this girl. She did a pretty good job on the top and sides, but I don't know what she was thinking when she worked on the back. It looks like it was chewed off by a beaver. Big "gotches" here and there, and right along the hairline, she ran a clipper and it's about 1/4" long! Considering that there is natural curl on the back of my head, I never have that cut that short, but she did. Oh, well, it's just hair and it will grow, but I don't think I'll let her attack me again.

Well, guess I'll go scare up a little lunch. I'm not very hungry, so it will be just a little lunch, but I do need something. Blessings, everyone. Stay warm, stay well, and keep looking up! --Romeena

February 22, 2021 - Msg 116235: One more thing -- back in early November, I was paying $1.89 for a gallon of "regular" gas. Yesterday, Surprise! I paid $2.44 for a gallon of the same. Hmmm. I wonder what caused that? --Romeena

February 23, 2021 - Msg 116236:

RO--I almost said something political about the sudden jump in gas prices (here at my end of the porch also)
but I shall resist. HA!
I will say this however, and I speak it only as hersay from various sources, so I'm not sure if it is absolutely true;
but I heard that TX has invested heavily in wind mills and solar panel arrays. (In fact, my wife told me that she and a friend saw hundreds of windmills when they were driving thru northern TX several years ago.) Anyway, the scuttlebutt is that the wind mills froze and the solar panels got covered in snow, and that is what caused much of the power losses. Again, it is just what i have heard. I was thinking too that people could not charge their electric cars for days.

All is well here. We had a balmy 78 today. I went on a nice relaxing bike ride around the neighborhood. Many folks out and about today.
PH--thanks for that reunion clip!! Very interesting that they would all call Gilligan by his last name. I know that military does that a lot, maybe sailors do too, so when the skipper called him Gilligan, everyone else did too! haha

BOO--so glad that things are better in your area. Prayers for Erin. Did Sean get the phone bank job?

Well, hang in there folks, prayers for all,

February 23, 2021 - Msg 116237: Good morning, porch! It's a beautiful, sunny, warm and welcome 68° here today. Sure does feel good. I stepped out the back door for a few minutes and just stood there and soaked up the sunshine! The snow was fun, and so pretty, and now the sunshine is welcome. God is good.

MDC, Good for you, for keeping up your bike riding and such. Good for your heart, your breathing, and just your general good health. I'm not sure I could still manage that, and I don't have a bike anyway, but I'm happy for you. My activity is somewhat limited, but I do what I can and enjoy it very much. The weight I've lost has been a Godsend, because I can do so much more than I could a year ago. I don't get so short of breath anymore. I'm at 142 now, and am slowly losing a little more. I want to get to 130, maybe 125. At 5'2", that would be about right.

That's interesting, what you heard about windmills and solar panels around here. We do have a lot of both, so it all sounds logical and makes perfect sense. Also, I hadn't even thought about the impact a power outage would have on folks with electric cars. I guess that's when a hybrid would be ideal, provided you can afford the gasoline! Considering what Tillie is (a 2004 Caddy) she gets pretty good mileage - around 18 in town, and as much as 25 on the highway, sometimes more. I'm not sure why it varies, but it does. Tailwind, maybe?

Well, guess I'd better go feed little Trinket. She has been in here with her "excuse me?" expression on her face. I think it's a hint. Maybe I'll find something for myself as well, though I'm not really hungry. Blessings, friends! Stay warm, stay well, and keep looking up! --Romeena

February 23, 2021 - Msg 116238:

RO--around town, there is a lot of starting and stopping, so that causes the gas flow in the engine to flow much more at each start up; but on a highway, at a steady speed, and
steady gas flow into the cylinders,
the gas mileage increases pretty significantly.
More later,
MDC :)