January 17, 2001, 7:09 am Msg #1507
What a beautiful Mayberry mornin!

Hey to ollie (Hope your back to feelin spunky), MCB, des, Miss Ellie, CD, Tom, Mr. Schwumpmeister, the Spookster, Romeena, and Opie Taylor!

January 17, 2001, 8:18 am Msg #1508
I have to agree it's going to be a beautiful morning

I want to thank E and others for showing me how to make paragraphs

of course I guess I better see if I'm doing it right.

your healthy girl


Hey to Goob...nice to see you around

January 17, 2001, 12:01 pm Msg #1509
Flora Mallerbee, aren't you a healthy sight for sore eyes? How are you, girl? Where have you and Miss Emma been hiding your sweetselves? Come on by and rock a while more often, ya hear?

Hey to Goobah, Tom, ollie, Elinora, Miss Ellie, MCb, Dež, Romeena, Mr. Schwump, Mr. Benson, and CD. If I missed anyone, I sure didn't mean to.


January 17, 2001, 1:47 pm Msg #1510
Hey to all! It's good to see that everbody is acting like somebody today! Hey to Miss Flora, Lillian and Dež... A special hello to darlin Lydia... Goober... YO!

January 17, 2001, 2:09 pm Msg #1511
yo to everybody!

yep thanks, i'm finally feeling better. nasty thing that flu.

holler at yall later


January 17, 2001, 3:09 pm Msg #1512
Hey Everyone, haven't posted in a while but I do check in every now and then. Love your car Des! The greatest car I ever owned was a Cadillac and I still miss it. My daughter called it the boat! I would love to have a car like Aunt Bee's now thats class with a capital K. cgirl.

January 17, 2001, 3:14 pm Msg #1513
hey, y'all~~
**heartaches, nuthin' but heartaches!**
thet's whut I've had wif mah computer machines... kinda gittin' back on track now, but some stuff still ain't right. gittin' quite a education from talkin' wif tech serv's at th' manufacturer, th' store an' a couple-a servers-- I kin not only add up ta fifty an' name off th' bound'ries, but now I kin do some configurin' an' jes' a leetle MS-DOS'in', too!
real sorry ta have fallen outta touch wif so many old friends-- partly 'cause I've lost mah contact lists an' ain't been able ta restore 'em complete, but mos'ly 'cause I'm a mess an' ain't been payin' proper attention ta friends like I should. please don't fergit me, I ain't fergot none o' y'all.
~~~love, Leon

January 17, 2001, 3:49 pm Msg #1514
uh... one thang I think bruther RickyB might-could hep wif, mebbe some'n elste has th' know-how's on this'n-- seems thet hard drives don't like bein' moved to 'nother computer. The Man says "sometimes ya gits lucky an' it works, but it looks like yer luck done run out." I got me a 40G fulla important data I need, but this computer refuses ta read it. enny hep?

January 17, 2001, 3:51 pm Msg #1515
musta fergot a close-command.

January 17, 2001, 6:51 pm Msg #1516
"Whack it" Leon. That's what I do to mine each time I turn it on, with a rubber hammer because I about broke my hand...I'm serious, but my computer is old. I guess it is like a start jump. I still haven't gotten my act together on it, but can't really afford to call the tech support on a 5 year old computer. I'm just thankful for being able to be in touch with my friends. Flora, it is good to see you...tell Emma to come on by, just watch your foot, "I'm rocking forward". Hey Lillan, cgirl. Ollie, I'm so sorry you and your family have been sick. Everyone have a goodnight. Oh, and Ollie, have you experienced the rolling blackouts? Terrible...sad...God help everyone. Miss Ellie "The door handle's already in my side."

January 17, 2001, 10:03 pm Msg #1517
boy, Miss Ellie, I'm about to break out the rubber mallet... and use it on my head!
but, hey, that last problem I mentioned-- I fixed it!! funny, th' "level 2" tech at Maxtor (hard drive mfr.) told me it can't be done, that I should resign myself to losing the data and just format the hard drive and use it fresh. but I'm stubborn and took another crack at th' installation floppy... had a suspicion about BIOS (though I have no idea what BIOS are/is)... disabled and uninstalled Maxtor's "EZ-BIOS" on both the master and the slave drives, and **drumroll** my 40G is now reading just fine!
I think them rolling blackouts is only in the Bay Area so far-- but down by ~ollie they had a couple quakes this weekend and another yesterday (actually, "over the hill" from ~ollie, up by my momma's house in The Valley).
~ollie, my bad hyperlinks above are a testament to your comment about "use it or lose it." an' I used ta be pretty good at thet stuff, too!
~~~love, Leon

January 18, 2001, 6:42 am Msg #1518
Just thought I'd drop in and say "Hey"


There we go, feel better since I got that off my chest.
Mr. Schwump

January 18, 2001, 1:00 pm Msg #1519
Good Morning ALL...Happy Mayberry!


January 18, 2001, 1:22 pm Msg #1520
Mr. Schwump, doesn't anything "lay on your chest"?

January 18, 2001, 3:53 pm Msg #1521
yo to everybody!

well, the axe finally fell. they cancelled the project that they were keeping me on board for, so i never got to write that resignation letter: they fired ("layed off" yeah rite) me and the other fellers instead hahaha. "he fired me from my job" (gome)

it's a bad time finacially for this kinda stuff rite now, so i was lucky to last that long, after they fired 1/3 + of the company.

so anyways, i'm going to relax till monday, then look for another gig. (i'm hoping somebody in VA will take a shine to me so i can move back there). luckily, i have some side work going on too, so it's not that big af a deal rite away.

well i'm gonna go over to the butcher shop to answer the help wanted sign.


January 18, 2001, 4:59 pm Msg #1522
hey, y'all~~
bruther ~ollie, please holler at me.
bruther Burt! please holler at me.
bruther RickyB, please holler at me.
~~~love, "big ears" Leon

January 18, 2001, 7:12 pm Msg #1523
Ollie, bless your everlovin' hort! I hope the job of your dreams is just around the corner! (In VA.)

About the butcher shop, think they'll ask if you can cut meat?


January 19, 2001, 11:27 am Msg #1524
Ollie, when one door closes another opens! Good Luck in finding the perfect job! cgirl

January 19, 2001, 12:56 pm Msg #1525
you think they'll ask me that lillian :-) ?

January 19, 2001, 2:14 pm Msg #1526
"gomer, do you know anything about cuttin' meat?"(ange)

"you thank they'll ask me that?" (gome)


January 19, 2001, 5:38 pm Msg #1527
Jus' stopped in t' say "hey" t' everbody! Glad t' see everbodies postin' agin! Miss Ellie, glad the "whackin'" is payin' off! Ollie, I hopes yew is able t' fin' a good job in Virginny! Moonbeam

January 20, 2001, 8:53 am Msg #1528
Hi All. Will it cold and some snow today but I m going to stay in. Ollie, I will prayre for you that you fine something that you like to do that you no now to do? TOM.

January 20, 2001, 8:55 am Msg #1529
Hi All. Will it cold and some snow today but I m going to stay in. Ollie, I will prayre for you that you fine something that you like to do that you no now to do? TOM.

January 20, 2001, 12:39 pm Msg #1530
Ollie, good luck on the job finding. You see, right now you and President Clinton are in the same boat, both unemployed. Just watched the inauguration. It was nice. Good to see President George Herbert Walker Bush and wife Barbara and also President Jimmy Carter and wife Roselyn looking so well. So, how are you all of you? It is rainy here. Moonbeam, still "whacking" the computer. Email, still a joke. Quickdot works fairly well, even though they have made changes and thankfully I can access Ollie's Porch. I got snail mail from Mavis, she is still job hunting, remember her in your prayers. Have a good day. Miss Ellie

January 20, 2001, 1:10 pm Msg #1531
now there's somebody i'd like to see: mavis. she is so funny.

anyhoo thanks miss ellie and everyone for the well wishes in the old job dept. i'm sure everything will be fine. i've already gotten 3 different options and i havn't even started looking yet. so that's good. i definately want to go back to doing more entertainment related stuff and less of this boring utility nonsense. oh and incase anyone was wondering, the server that this place is on has nothing to do with my work, so never fear. it's just my own personal stuff that i keep on here. i rent the space from some company in new jersey.

well, my family just went out the door to go back to west virginia. i hope they had a nice time.

gotta run


January 20, 2001, 2:47 pm Msg #1532
oh check this out. i forgot about this. the only problem is, you may need to download the flash plugin to see it (that's the problem if you don't see anything). this is the star from the side of the squad car. i drew it in illustrator and then imported it into flash. the plan is/ was, that i was going to use this as an interface for several different types of TAGS games i was developing. i guess i could still keep working on them . one is a trivia game with random questions and "audio clues", letsee what were some others..... oh i don't remember. oh yeah, there is actuall a working prototype for the trivia game here. if it doesn't work the first time, reload it (it's about 100k). if it doesn't work at all, make sure you have at least the flash4 plugin (they are up to 5 now) because the programming language is dependant on it.

shoot i got side tracked.here is the squad car star. like i said : it's/ was going to replace that blue interface from the trivia game. anyway. the plan was, i was going to get another domain name (called trivialtrivialities.com) and a server to run all these games and also this message board, as well as a real time chat (done in flash) + letsee what else did i want... oh the whole site was going to be database driven , so people could have perferences etc. and a dynamic calendar of events (done with flash, jsp and a database); oh well, maybe i'll still do it. but the plan was to have it done by christmas.

well, i guess i am rambling.

holler at yall later


January 20, 2001, 2:49 pm Msg #1533
ps: you have to click the "power switch" (the lightning bolt at the bottom there) to turn the trivia machine on.


January 20, 2001, 2:55 pm Msg #1534
pss: thanks to opie (the old opie) for the questions: i got them from his calendar, and from some "archived" calendar questions. thanks ope!.


January 20, 2001, 3:58 pm Msg #1535
ollie~that game is way cool. You're ept, Ollie. You're ept.

January 20, 2001, 4:47 pm Msg #1536
thanks 3! i'm glad you like it


January 20, 2001, 7:13 pm Msg #1537
Way cool game ollie~! You outdid yerself there!


January 21, 2001, 9:19 am Msg #1538
Outstanding job, Ollie! Smooth, the way you put our hometown in there. I'm glad you were able to use the trivia questions - it is an honor to be a part of a great piece of creative work. It has been way too long since I've visited here, so I need to catch up on the archives. Opie (the old one?!? hahaha "We're no spring chickens anymore.")

January 21, 2001, 9:40 am Msg #1539
oh i should have mentioned: it never got finished: you just keep on playing and it never wins....... maybe i'll fix it up a little

thanks for the comments fellers!

ope!! great to see you posting here. yeah i snuck old SA in there lol


January 21, 2001, 12:23 pm Msg #1540
Well, Gilly and I celebrated our TEN YEAR anniversary just this past Fridee and it was nice. I took him out to a nice dinner. He was expecting Morelli's but I surprised him and took him up for Chinese at that new restaurant. We were gonna go to the zoo and make a day of it, but, it was dark. (Gilly, why do you want to go to the duck pond, er, I mean, Zoo at night?) LOL. After 10 years, you'd think I know the answer to that one! hahhhahha. We got ripped off again regarding the expected snowfall. They predicted 2-4 inches for us and we got barely 1/2 an inch...I'd love just ONE good storm, just one...but I know I'd be greedy and wish for more later...oh well...guess we will either get it or we won't. One thing is for sure, all them fancy machines like DOPLER and FIRST NOTICE STORM CATCHER, etc well, them machines don't seem to be helping the weathermen out cuz they can't find the nose on their faces! The inauguration was nice...I watched the whole 4 hour thing right here in the comfort of my living room...and I even saw someone I work with as they marched in the parade... The best part was having TAGS included in the parade. I mean, for that marching band to play Gomers theme, well, it choked me up! "From the halls of Monte Zuuuuuumer, to the shores of Tripoleee!" You all take care! Idelle

January 21, 2001, 4:38 pm Msg #1541
Idelle, thanks so much. I really needed a giggle, and you surely did give me some!!"

"This here's my faverite part, First to fight for life and freedom..."

Great game ollie. Your educaiton was worth every penny of it.


January 21, 2001, 9:25 pm Msg #1542
Opie (the old one..haha), good to see you here and good to see you earlier today in person. My Mama's proud to call you her grandson figure. Idelle, "Happy Belated Anniverary" to you and Gilly. I think I'll hit the ironing board early. God bless. Miss Ellie

January 22, 2001, 1:28 pm Msg #1543

January 22, 2001, 1:45 pm Msg #1544
not long enuff

January 22, 2001, 2:07 pm Msg #1545
To Msg # 1543: Approximately five years.

Ollie, what can I say? Your trivia game is BIG, nawww, big ain't the word for it, it's excellent, wonderful, you've done a superior job!!! Do you mind if I share it with the folks at Miss Crump's? I'm sure they would enjoy it!

Hey to everyone, Miss Ellie(where's the font color?), MissPeggy, Idelle, Opie (the old one, posting that is) Ollie, Lillian, Leon, cgirl, CD from NC (what part of N.C. are you from? I live in Hickory, N.C.), and the rest of all you fine folks!

Opie Taylor

January 22, 2001, 3:42 pm Msg #1546

January 22, 2001, 4:15 pm Msg #1547
hi to Msg #1546 ! come on back and sit a spell whenever you want to .

hey opie taylor i guess i'm going to go ahead and finish working on it. like i said: i never really does anything yet. but i don't care if people want to check it out : it's just a prototype that is sort of clunky and not quite working. or you could wait till it's done. it's up to you. it's just that i don't have time to work on it rite now: i'm job hunting again. and doing more side work . holler at you all later!


January 22, 2001, 6:10 pm Msg #1548
I'm in the process myself of writing a trivia game. Got most of the game finished, just puttin' in some trivia questions now. What language did you write yours in?

Mr. Schwump

January 22, 2001, 6:20 pm Msg #1549
i did that in flash4 Mr. Schwump , pulling the questions and answers from an external text file so they could be easily updated.

but i might re-do it in flash5. eeeeh. time is kinda short at the moment

what are you working on? can i see it? email me about it if you want to


January 22, 2001, 8:55 pm Msg #1550
i wish you all could see little robert wolfing down this beef stew i made......... his belly is all sticking out and he keeps holering "beef stew!" and "big potato!" hehehehe


January 22, 2001, 9:40 pm Msg #1551
ollie, since Robert endorses your stew so wholeheartedly, could ya give us the recipe?

January 22, 2001, 10:53 pm Msg #1552
Could you folks say a prayer for my uncle V.M. He is in the hospital. He passed out today and coudn't get up but was alert when he was found. His son thinks he had a light stroke. He is around 67 years old. He has diabetes and he also had a really bad heart attack about l0 years ago. He is having a CAT scan now. He is my Mama's baby brother. Please pray for him and his family including me and Mama. V.M. was like a second father to me when I was little. Thanks Miss Ellie

January 23, 2001, 8:27 am Msg #1553
Ya'll have my prayers, Ellie. Give us a report later. ok?

January 23, 2001, 11:40 am Msg #1554
hey 1551 it's just your basic beef stew:

get a kinda cheaper, tougher cut of beef because you cook it so long it breaks it down, so you don't need the best cut

onions, a little garlic, potatoes, green peppers, some corn, i like to use italian green beans, carrots, canned tomatoes and some tomato paste, plenty of salt and pepper

saute the onions in some olive oil till they are nice and golden brown. put in some minced garlic for a minute or two. make sure not to burn it.

in the stewpot (BTW i just bought this SWEET stock pot for 40$...on sale..it usually is 110$ WHOO HOO!) anyway, heat some olive oil till it is really smokin' and sear the beef really well. when it is seared, (make sure to season it w/ salt and pepper. i like to season in layers... as i go) add in the tomatos et al the veggies. make sure you potatoes are not so small that they just cook up. put in some water, then stir in some tomato paste (technically this is more like a soup, but the starch in the potatoes and the tomato paste act as thickening agents, making it like a stew. another way to make good stew is to start off with a roux ANYWAY.............) you can use chicken stock or veggie stock in there too if you want to. you can throw in some oregano too if you feel like it. or a little hot sauce. just make sure it's seasoned really well. bring this stuff up to a boil and then simmer it slowly for a coupla hours. then you are done.

it's one of the easiest, cheapest dishes to make and it pays off real well in the end with great big flavors and plus it will keep for days in the fridge, take it to work for lunch. oh wait that reminds me: i'm still out of a job i'd better get going ! lol kidding


January 23, 2001, 12:47 pm Msg #1555
Boy, that stew smells gooooood!

January 23, 2001, 1:53 pm Msg #1556
Yeah, not at all like the corned beef and cabbage down at the diner! (It's Tuesday, ya know.) In my next life, I'm gonna be ollie's dawg so's I can get the leftovers.


January 23, 2001, 1:54 pm Msg #1557
Hmmm. All the trivia tv will do for me is sit there and hum. It LOOKS tres cool, though! So does the squad logo!


January 23, 2001, 2:11 pm Msg #1558
Ollie's dawg! lol!!! What a hoot, Elinora! Ollie, didja ever think about a job at the diner?

January 23, 2001, 6:10 pm Msg #1559
HAHAHA! thanks for the chuckles fellers. i needed it! " All the trivia tv will do for me is sit there and hum" haha. yeah it's a little particular sometimes. until i fix him up, sometimes that's all he'll do when i look at it too. a little embarrasing: thats what happened when i tried to show it to this headhunter (a person that places folks in jobs) the other day. i suspect that you might not have the flash4 plugin. oh well i'll make it better one of these days.

a job at the diner sounds too HARD 1558! hehehe. i like cushy jobs. ones that pay a lot for not doing much :-| yeah rite good luck

hey elinora you wont believe it: little robert me and verleen already ate up most of that stew(that kid is a walking stomach). so unfortuneatley there ain't no leftovers LOL@ollies dawg

holler at yall later: i may be heading over to saras here in a bit: i'm working on my portfolio


January 24, 2001, 11:39 am Msg #1560

January 24, 2001, 12:14 pm Msg #1561

I'm writing mine in Visual Basic, but I love the format of yours. Where did you get the programmer for it?

Mr. Schwump

January 24, 2001, 12:26 pm Msg #1562
Never mind about the programmer. I looked it up on the Internet and found it. I also found the $500.00 price tag too. Whew.

Mr. Schwump

January 24, 2001, 1:14 pm Msg #1563
Mr. Schwump you can get a non-profit (educational) version for about $100 if you know someone in academics and don't plan to make any $ off of it. there is also a trial 30 day download you can get for free to try it out. @ macromedia (i am a huge macromedia head. they just aquired allaire (of homesite fame) too......

of course it helps to understand flash technology: it's kinda new and not everyone uses it wisely. it is kind of an industry (what's left of it) buzzword, so you will see lots of evil uses of it just for the sake of using it. check out some of the macromedia sites of the day. and also flashkit.com has some pretty sweet stuff. so far as i know: i'm the only flash developer doing stuff about TAGS lol. except i think nick at night has a little flash "intro" for TAGS. i hate flash intros these days.


ps if you want to see some other work i've done with flash email me and i'll send you some urls

pss: it helps to be somewhat of a graphic designer too. as well as a programmer.

January 24, 2001, 1:39 pm Msg #1564
ollie, I love it when you talk technical. Gives me the shivers.

January 24, 2001, 1:47 pm Msg #1565


January 24, 2001, 5:03 pm Msg #1566
Yeah, I love the television. Makes me want to add more graphics to mine. I think I'll just first get a basic one down and then fool with the graphics. Will the trial version let you make executable files also? Mr. Schwump

January 24, 2001, 6:47 pm Msg #1567
yeah you can make executables for both mac and pc.


January 24, 2001, 6:49 pm Msg #1568
ps: i also did the squad car thing w/ flash and illustrator (adobe). it's a very flexable medium


January 24, 2001, 8:26 pm Msg #1569
oooooo', I'm gettin' the vapah's!

January 25, 2001, 12:03 pm Msg #1570
where's Emma? --F. Newton

January 25, 2001, 3:34 pm Msg #1571
izzat you, Fig?

January 25, 2001, 5:34 pm Msg #1572
HOWDY - How is everyone in Mayberry tonight? I hope everyone is great - Awfully chilly in NC - and windy - I MEAN WINDY!!! Well I am getting ready to go to the big city for some supper - Probably a Cracker Barrel - We love veggies at my house... I hope to be on Sarah's later tonight -hope to talk to you nice folks.. CDfromNC

January 25, 2001, 5:36 pm Msg #1573
HEY OPIE - I just saw that you are from Hickory, NC. I live in MARION -My son goes to LR! SURPRISE SURPRISE SURPRISE! What about that? Small world ain't it?

January 25, 2001, 5:39 pm Msg #1574
HEY OPIE - I just saw that you are from Hickory, NC. I live in MARION -My son goes to LR! SURPRISE SURPRISE SURPRISE! What about that? Small world ain't it?

January 25, 2001, 5:40 pm Msg #1575
HEY OPIE - I just saw that you are from Hickory, NC. I live in MARION -My son goes to LR! SURPRISE SURPRISE SURPRISE! What about that? Small world ain't it?

January 25, 2001, 7:57 pm Msg #1576
Howdy folks...won't it chilly today Charlene from NC ! My uncle is improving remarkably..probably will in time with physical therapy get back to 100% I know God touched him because his last heart attack l0 years ago they told him the next one would kill him or leave him a vegetable and he had two heart attacks and one stroke in 2 days time ! My poor Aunt Dorothy, bedridden from a stroke 2 years ago and her husband/care giver both have a stomach virus., but they won't let us do anything for them. So keep the prayers up for everyone. It is a small world. Ain't technology a wonderful thing?..when used for the good. All y'all take care. Oh, Ollie, I just ain't felt red lately, been kinda black and white. When I feel red I'll post red. "Black and white and red (read) all over". Night, night dear friends. Miss Ellie "Hey Barney, does that clock in your mother's stomach keep your father awake at night?"

January 26, 2001, 10:08 am Msg #1577
ollie, you've come so far lately in your knowledge of computers! Seems like just yesterday you were content just to play with the siren, and now look at ya, all growed up.

January 26, 2001, 11:18 am Msg #1578
hahaha 1577

i just kinda "fell into it" by accident.

speaking of which, i was just loaned a pentium 4 .............. whooooooooooooo 1.5 gig processor........ i am typing this on my old mac g3 tho lol.


January 26, 2001, 3:12 pm Msg #1579
Just stopped by to say hey! So Hey! Sp00ky Benson

January 26, 2001, 5:13 pm Msg #1580
hey spOOky! what going on these days?

o~ ps: will someone please explain to me how a woman's mind works: i have been together w/ verleen for 4-5 years and i am totally cornfused. and there are too many problems to count: i hope it doesn't effect little robert tho.

yesterday, we all watched elmo's world.... and he was telling us all about everybody that he knows: mommy daddy, mommaw, grandma, uncle johnny, macey (his daycare buddy mason) lol. and these days, he pretends to be "baby robert" . crawls on the floor and goes "gaga goo goo"


January 26, 2001, 7:19 pm Msg #1581
hey, y'all~~
bruther ~ollie, I'm sure you an' miss verleen got enough 'sperience havin' differences ta know when ta just give each other some space, ta let some stuff ride what can't be resolved right off.
like I'm one to suggest anything to anyone about relationship-saving... think I'll just shut up now.
~~L "uh, DUH!" L

January 26, 2001, 7:31 pm Msg #1582
My grandma always said that a woman will put up with a lot if she knows for sure that she is loved. Mr. Wheeler, the unhandy handyman, put it like this, "clouds and women are a lot alike, they are always there, but we don't appreciate them."

January 27, 2001, 2:08 pm Msg #1583
hey leon i saw you briefly on icq then you were gone. hope things are going ok for you: holler at me when you get a chainst.


January 27, 2001, 9:47 pm Msg #1584
Goodevening everybody. I heard my uncle went home from the hospital today and can walk with assistance. They will send a therapist out 3 days a week. Also, after more tests they determined he did NOT have 2 heart attacks,only a light stroke. Breezy but pretty day here in NC. Went to Hubby's brother's 44th birthday party. It was fun. Hubby's other brother may work on my computer next Saturday.I hope so, then I won't feel like it is a piece of junk. Miss Ellie

"Everybody on the truck."

January 27, 2001, 9:48 pm Msg #1585

January 27, 2001, 9:48 pm Msg #1586
is it okay now?

January 28, 2001, 1:02 pm Msg #1587
HEllO - Been absoultely beautiful here in the foothills of NC. In the 50's! Just finished dinner - Texas ribs, baked tater, collard greens and pinto beans with homemade bread.. Mighty good ifn I did cook it...Nice to hear your uncle is doing better Miss Ellie..hope your computer will be soon - Hey to Spooky, Ollie, Miss Ellie,Mr. Scwump, Elinora, DES, Tom, MCB, and Opie Taylor and anybody else I may have missed. Lots of luck to you and yours...CDfromNC

January 28, 2001, 2:34 pm Msg #1588
hey to CDfromNC :-)


January 28, 2001, 3:30 pm Msg #1589
go Ravens!

hey to ollie, Miss Ellie, Leon, Lydia, Tom, CD, Spooky, Mr. Schwump, Des, c-girl, pinkcloud, Flora, Elinora, Idelle, Old Opie, Number 3, Jennie (how's that black hearted buzzard?), MissPeggy, Goober, Romeena, and Opie Taylor.


January 28, 2001, 7:23 pm Msg #1590
Hey, CDfromNC! That is so cool! My younger brother and sister take violin lessons at LR!

Miss Ellie, it's good to see your font color again! I'm glad to hear your uncle is doing better. I hope your hubby's other brother can fix your computer.

Ollie, I haven't posted your trivia game over at Miss Crump's yet but I'm planning on doing it tonight. It's been too quite at Miss Crump's lately and we need something to liven things up. I'll let them know that your not finished with it.

I hope everyone else is doing good and keeping warm. You all take care, Lillian,SpOOky Benson,Mr. Schwump,~Dež~,Goober,Romeena,MissPeggy,NRNMG, and everyone else.

Opie Taylor

January 28, 2001, 7:50 pm Msg #1591
Please keep a good thought for Nice Real Nice Mary Grace. She has broken her arm. jennie boone

January 28, 2001, 7:57 pm Msg #1592
Please keep a good thought for Nice Real Nice Mary Grace. She has broken her arm. jennie boone

January 28, 2001, 7:57 pm Msg #1593
I'm sorry I didnt mean to do that twice..I don't know how that happened. jb

January 28, 2001, 8:11 pm Msg #1594
Thanks for letting us know about Nice Real Nice Mary Grace, Jennie. I'm sorry to hear of her accident, I'll be praying for her soon recovery. Get Well Soon!

Opie Taylor

January 28, 2001, 8:13 pm Msg #1595
It should be fixed now.

Opie Taylor

January 28, 2001, 9:41 pm Msg #1596
Thank you to Leon for telling me about this site. My computer's modem broke down and I haven't been able to get anywhere for a long time. I have really missed all the Andy sites and people I used to visit almost every day. I am back.... Miss Crump

January 28, 2001, 9:48 pm Msg #1597
Thank you to Leon for telling me about this site. My computer's modem broke down and I haven't been able to get anywhere for a long time. I have really missed all the Andy sites and people I used to visit almost every day. I am back.... Miss Crump

January 29, 2001, 12:13 am Msg #1598
Hi All Will it look like Art git his wish the ring that he never git here in Cleveland as The Cleveland Brown as now he is the Ravens. It going to be warm for the next two days here ? Me prayre to everyone . I can not waet for allthe warm days to come for i can go outside all day. FLOWERS. I looked into a flower's face and saw a work of love and grace. for who but God could even form the daffodil so vibrant warm? the great Creator has designed sweet violets beauty lined. he made the passion flower rare like tatted lace beyond compare. he fashioned lilac's purple hue to glisten in the morning dew. in all the wonders of God's hand, i find a flower the most grand! TOM.

January 29, 2001, 9:25 am Msg #1599
Does anyone have Andelina's site? Need it please

January 29, 2001, 10:02 am Msg #1600
Does anyone have Andelina's site? Need it please

January 29, 2001, 11:53 am Msg #1601

January 29, 2001, 1:21 pm Msg #1602
oh no NRNMG! get all knitted up good real soon :-)


January 29, 2001, 3:51 pm Msg #1603
Nice real nice MaryGrace!! You poor little dear! What happened? I hope your arm heals quick as a wink. Tell Mr. Foley take good care of you!


January 29, 2001, 3:53 pm Msg #1604
Stick a "to" in there betwix the "Foley" and the "take" and it'll make more sense. Sheesh!

January 29, 2001, 4:54 pm Msg #1605
Poor NRNMG - Bless yer heart! God's blessings for a speedy recovery! CDfromNC

January 29, 2001, 6:35 pm Msg #1606
Tom, yet another beautiful poem. I love flowers. I love spring ! I love warm weather !

NRNMG, take care of that arm now.

Another beautiful day here in Mayberry, NC. May get to 70 degrees tomorrow, now that is weather I like ! I don't think I'm going to survive another "Survior". I didn't like the first one, didn't like all the hype before,during and after. They could be showing "TAGS" reruns instead of this junk. Or something decent. "Survivor" is just promoting the immorality of the world. Miss Ellie

"Opie, would you like some of my pot roast?" (Aunt Bee) "Naw,I'm gonna stick with the men, even if it kills me."

January 29, 2001, 6:36 pm Msg #1607
I think I forgot to turn off the red again.

January 29, 2001, 6:38 pm Msg #1608
Now, how about this..

January 29, 2001, 7:19 pm Msg #1609
"Those of us who chart the course of world events shall forever remain nameless."

January 29, 2001, 7:54 pm Msg #1610
Yeah, you're right. I mean, someone must've arranged Washington's trip acros the Delaware, and then somebody must have planned for Pershing and the Kaiser to get togethere. (That's WWI.) But nobody'll ever know who they were. But I guess that's the way the ball bounces...


January 30, 2001, 7:50 am Msg #1611
Spread a little sunshine everyday, spread a little sunshine everyday, Help someone along lifes way, spread a little sunshine everyday.

January 30, 2001, 1:15 pm Msg #1612

January 30, 2001, 1:44 pm Msg #1613
Well... you know what I think I'm gonna do? Go home... take a nap... then over to Thelma Lou's for a little TV. Yep... that's the plan... go home... take a nap... then over to Thelma Lou's for TV. You wanna know what I'm gonna do? Go home......

January 30, 2001, 2:55 pm Msg #1614
Miss Ellie, I thought the first Survivor was great and looking forward to the second one. During the summer when the first one was on it brought our college kids out of their rooms, where they have their own TV's, into the living room to watch it with their father and I. What did you think was immoral about the first show? Frankie

January 30, 2001, 5:50 pm Msg #1615
The media has thrown so much immorality at us, reducing the shock factor to null, and making it look socially acceptable. Luckily not everyone is drawn in, and some still prefer to get their values from the Lord and not from the media.

I agree with Miss Ellie. Here's to wishing there were more family TV programs like TAGS and less junk like Survivor.

January 30, 2001, 8:09 pm Msg #1616
Put me down for prefering TAGS reruns to Survivor. But that Miss Crump in the episode on TVLand this evening. Why hadn't she ever told Andy about her Senior thesis and being arrested in all the years that they had been keeping steady company? They said she was a journalism major. Can you teach elementary grades with that, or must she have changed her major, or how does that work?


January 30, 2001, 8:28 pm Msg #1617
Hey this is CDfromNC - I am going to go to the First Methodist Church tomorrow night for the TAGS Bible study courses - I can't wait - Our local chapter, "Aunt Bees and the Bullet" are going on a field trip... There's only one word for that......BIG!

January 30, 2001, 8:36 pm Msg #1618
I'll give a report when we return - I hope they don't think we're a bunch of interlopers and give us the big freeze....CDfromNC

January 30, 2001, 9:03 pm Msg #1619
Frankie, I didn't watch much of the first "Survivor", I mean mostly what I was saw was what they would show on the news (our local news features it everyday). But yesterday, they said one girl was thrown off because she was very withdrawn when they discussed sex. I also think it is promoting greed and hatred and bitterness toward one another because one wants to outdo the other for the money. They sit around and talk and throw out someone. "Big Brother" I thought too was awful. All the curse words they had to bleep out. "The love of money is the root of all evil." But to each his own. If you and your family like it, that's fine. I'm just sick of it. There just aren't many good new programs anymore. I guess I started a subject I shouldn't have. Saw "Aunt Bee, the Warden" tonight. I have it on my computer where Otis says, "I came to fill my vase." I just love that. At least when my computer works (still having to "whack it" to come on) I can hear my "TAGS" sounds and "Keeping Up Appearances" and "In the Heat of the Night". It adds a little fun to the day. Lovely day here. CDinNC have a good time at the Bible Study. That is neat. Remember BArney's lessons about living off the land in your field trip. That's what "Survivor" needs, Barney to tell them how to survive ! "Pheasant, probably the most difficult species to ensnare." Miss Ellie

January 30, 2001, 11:34 pm Msg #1620
Howdy, friends! I've been working a lot, reading and catching up tonight. NRNMG, how on earth did you break your arm?! Of all things! And you can't even soak it, not even a little bit, or your cast will come off! Oh, dear!!

Opie Taylor, thanks for typing my name in purple. That's my favorite color!

Elinora, about the trivia game just sitting there and humming...I had the same problem until I realized there was more at the bottom. Had to grab onto the top bar and drag the whole caboodle up higher on my screen, until the little lightnin' bolt appeared. Mash that, and it turns the game on.

Miss Ellie, don't you just adore "Keeping Up Appearances"? Also do you ever watch "Allo, Allo"? Herr Flick could be a brother to Frasier and Niles Crain, especially Niles.

Saw the TAGS ep where they bought the new organ for the church, and in one of the last scenes, there was Floyd, standing in the congregation. If you looked close, you could tell he was leaning on the pew in front of him a bit, and his left arm was just hanging straight down, and I understand the prop people (no pun intended) had rigged some sort of brace to help him stand, but he looked great. I think it's wonderful the way Andy and the rest of the TAGS people kept him on, even though he was not 100%. His acting never suffered, that's for sure!

Well, 'nuff for tonight. Have a great week, friends.--Romeena

January 31, 2001, 8:29 am Msg #1621
Hey to everybody! Sp00ky Benson

January 31, 2001, 11:51 am Msg #1622
the prop people (no pun intended) ---

i can't describe the feeling of guilt i'm having rite now for laughing so hard at that......... but yeah romeena that's one of the things i have always loved about TAGS, is that they went way out of their way to help out old floyd, who was obviously such strong comedian.

yeah, i'm kinda sick of these "reality" shows too. i don't watch them, but not because i care whether or not they are immoral, but i just think the idea is a little odd.


January 31, 2001, 5:10 pm Msg #1623
Now, a GOOD concept for "reality tv" would be for them to shoot a bunch of us (Oh, you KNOW what I mean!) sitting around watching TAGS and catching us on tape throwing TAGS quotes out, and even saying the lines with the characters! That'd be some KINDA fun to watch!

-- Elinora

January 31, 2001, 6:27 pm Msg #1624
Good idea Elinora.
I know I'd watch that. Course, I wouldn't watch it when TAGS was on.
I always liked the TVLand commercial about the Barney Fife game. Now there's one I'd be willin' to invest money in and buy.

Mr. Schwump

January 31, 2001, 8:04 pm Msg #1625
"I'm up to level 4- walking Thelma Lou to church!"

January 31, 2001, 8:30 pm Msg #1626
Romeena, I love "Keeping Up Appearances". It is like TAGS to me, I never tire of it. I never could get into "Allo, Allo" and then they took it off around here anyway. How's Sugarplum, Romeena?

It is another beautiful day in NC.

Elinora, what a wonderful idea. But first I need a new hairdo, face lift and body. NRNMG is in a sling. They didn't cast it. She fell on the ice. I just got a "quickdot" from her and today she and Mr. Foley were riding down the road and the car in front of them slammed on breaks so Mr. Foley had to also and it jarred her arm and she is in much pain. Let's all say a prayer for our dear friend. Well folks, have a good 'un. Miss Ellie "You give 'em forty, they'll do 45."

January 31, 2001, 9:16 pm Msg #1627
Just got home from the TAGS Bible study -- It was really nice - we had pounded steak A La Morelli for supper (3.50) and lots of atmosphere while we were eating. Then we went to the chapel for the study. It was the Luke Comstock episode - bout not worrying and letting Go and Let God have control of our lives..Not being afraid and trusting in our Father for protection and guidance. It was a good urn... Next week it's Barney's First Car - can't wait to go back - we had a swell turn out -Just one problem - I just hope this don't interfere with our other club meetin - course they meet on Thursday - it'll probably work out. We ended with a prayer "Everybody on the truck" and it was officially over. Good meeting! CDfromNC

February 1, 2001, 2:26 am Msg #1628
A University of Alabama football player was visiting a relative in Boston over the holidays. He went to a party and met a pretty co-ed. He attempted to start up a conversation with the line, "Where do y'all go to school, lil lady?" The co-ed was not impressed with his grammar or drawl, but did answer anyway... "Yale." The UA student took a big, deep breath and shouted, "WHERE DO Y'ALL GO TO SCHOOL!?"

February 1, 2001, 6:22 am Msg #1629
don't get it....

February 1, 2001, 10:55 am Msg #1630
Me neither.

February 1, 2001, 10:57 am Msg #1631
I get it: "Yell". Ha Ha Ha!

February 1, 2001, 11:15 am Msg #1632
Now where's MPO to answer to that? :-)

February 1, 2001, 11:52 am Msg #1633

February 1, 2001, 12:59 pm Msg #1634
I got it first time I read it. I'm not from Alabama, but close...guess that's why I got it.

February 1, 2001, 2:10 pm Msg #1635
*WARNING* For them who are easily offended, just skip down to the next posting
(ollie, if this don't fly it might call for a sweepin'....)

The U of A grad went to Harvard to work on his masters. The first day he followed the signs to the auditorium where registering was taking place. He made his way to one of the tables and asked the man there, "Is this here where I sign up at?" The Harvard man looked over his glasses, smirked, and said, "Young man, THIS is HAH-vahd. At HAH-vahd, we NEV-ah end a sentence with a preposition!" The good-ol-boy said, "Excuse me, sir, I'm SO sorry. Let me rephrase the question... Is this here where I sign up at, A**hole?"

"Do cousins count?"

February 1, 2001, 4:25 pm Msg #1636
thanks for the warning 1635 lol

i may be doing some sweeping here later but not because of your joke :-)

how about some 'we were so poor' jokes.

"we were so poor all we had to eat was dried apples for breakfast, hot water for lunch, and we'd just let 'em swell up for supper"

i think i told that one on here already.....getting senile...


February 1, 2001, 4:49 pm Msg #1637
i loved the yale joke btw. AND the preposition joke too....... i like jokes. they're funny. my mother was the same way


lessee a good west virginian joke......hmmm (sorting out all the bad ones........)

a guy from new york, a guy from boston (back bay), and a guy from west virginia were playing golf, when suddenly, lighting struck a large tree and it fell and crushed all three of them, leaving them barely alive.

well a miracle happened and god came down on the golf course and said "well, boys, it's your lucky day" and he healed the new yorker. and the new yorker says "hey thanks, god, i can't tell you how much i appreciate it". then he healed the guy from boston. and the guy from boston said how much he appreciated it.

then he gets to the guy from west virginia. and the guy goes "DON'T TOUCH ME! I'M ON WORKER'S COMPENSATION!" note from ollie: i hate bad jokes about west virginians or our long lost other rural-type cousins. my dad told me that one and i thought it was funny: as long as it's obvious that it's a joke, it's ok: ie not mean.


February 1, 2001, 7:02 pm Msg #1638
We were so poor we couldn't afford shoes. In snow and ice we'd wrap barbed wire around our feet for traction. And son, we HAD snow and ice in MY day...

February 1, 2001, 7:36 pm Msg #1639
i was so poor, that when they were selling steamboat rides for 5 cents, all i could afford to do was run up the river beside it and holler "ain't that CHEAP!?"

February 1, 2001, 7:38 pm Msg #1640
we were so poor, we used to wrassle with the neighbor's kids just to smell the peanut butter on their breath.

February 1, 2001, 7:38 pm Msg #1641
We were so poor, we had to read our email by candlelight.

February 1, 2001, 7:42 pm Msg #1642
We were so poor, we couldn't afford to pay attention.

February 1, 2001, 8:00 pm Msg #1643
we were so poor, we'd go to kentucky fried chicken and lick other peoples' fingers

February 2, 2001, 12:27 pm Msg #1644
is this thing on?

February 2, 2001, 1:33 pm Msg #1645

February 2, 2001, 1:33 pm Msg #1646
not so's you'd notice

February 2, 2001, 3:20 pm Msg #1647
yeeeeeHAW! now yer talkin' winders 2000

February 2, 2001, 3:20 pm Msg #1648

February 3, 2001, 12:50 am Msg #1649
We were so poor we lived in a shoebox in the middle of the road. (That one's for ollie...and no, it has nothing to do with WVA.)

February 3, 2001, 11:59 am Msg #1650
lol 49 heeee. like i say tho, i LIKE a good WV joke as much as anybody tho :-)

watching matlock yesterday. added one to my list of matlock ---------> startrek crossovers: garrek


February 3, 2001, 9:44 pm Msg #1651
Hi Y'all.......Just me

February 3, 2001, 11:02 pm Msg #1652
hey Just Me

February 4, 2001, 2:09 am Msg #1653
I got me a new computer today. I'm so proud and blessed. It ain't the fastest thing but it was on clearance and much better than my old one, now if I kin figgure out how to use it. It ain't like my old one when I tried to download Emmett's Wavs. I gotta put on my bucket and think on that'n a while. So good to see all of you. Please pray for our 6 year old niece. She passed out from 3 tumors in her brain today. Seems okay now but they don't know what they can do for her in the future. She has been having such bad headaches for a long time and is on medication for them. She has what is more commonly known as "Elephant Man's Disease", Neurofibromytosis. All the tumors are in her brain, only coffee looking spots on her body. Thanks y'all. Love ya, Miss Ellie

February 4, 2001, 12:34 pm Msg #1654
hey, y'all~~
jes' missed seein' "No Time for Sergeants" on AMC this mornin', but went to their site an' found it'll be run agin on Monday th' 19th at 8pm & 12:30 am. also, "A Face in the Crowd" will be shown on th' 20th at 6am.
Ange is gonna be in another movie on TV this week, I think... can't remember now what it is, though.
**prayers** fer Miss Ellie's niece... kinda wonder what God's got on His mind, sometimes, but it ain't our Plan an' we jes' gotta go along with it.
~~~love, Leon

February 4, 2001, 2:56 pm Msg #1655
I love Monty Python's skit "We Were Poor." That's what that shoebox quote is from. If you get a chance, read it online--do a M. Python "We Were Poor Script" search and you'll find it somewhere.

February 4, 2001, 5:07 pm Msg #1656
Hey to everyone. Just talk with my better half who is in Florida with my daughter. They are at the UDA National Dance Competition at Disney World. My daughter's High School Dance Team finished 4th in the Nation in Small Props Competitions. Best they have ever done at Nationals. A big Shazam and a Golllly to them. Sp00ky Benson

February 4, 2001, 6:21 pm Msg #1657
Sp00ky! Does your daughter get her twinkle toes from you?

February 4, 2001, 7:35 pm Msg #1658
Hey Y'all....another fine and cold day here in Chicago...just got back from Denver, be home this week, then 2 weeks in Atlanta...I hope it's warm there!

Hey to Dež, Romeena, Flora (you healthy girl, you), adn special to my darlin Lydia...



February 4, 2001, 7:37 pm Msg #1659
Oh...and HEY to everbody...I shore don't wanna leave anybody out...



February 5, 2001, 8:58 am Msg #1660
Dež? didja see that Jimmy Buffet has some trouble at the basketball game?

February 5, 2001, 10:14 am Msg #1661
Yeah, the smart aleck! LOL! Oh well, if he was being a bad boy he doesn't deserve any special privileges! He musta been mighty het up. Can't wait to hear the song that comes outta this one... Hey to Goobah! Great to see you. Miss Ellie, I'm so sorry to hear about your niece. She is in my prayers. Please keep us posted. I'm happy about your new computer! You likin' it? There's so much to catch up on! Just gonna say Hey to everybody!! for right now. I hope everyone had a Mayberry kinda weekend. :-) ~Dež~

February 5, 2001, 12:36 pm Msg #1662
lol you beat me to it 60 . we had said about 3 "shoulda stayed in margaritaville"- type jokes before the announcer did lol. i said "cheeze burger in the penalty box" , but that's hockey,,,,,,, (i'm not much of a sports person)

he musta been all hyped up on goofballs heheee


February 5, 2001, 7:37 pm Msg #1663
I think the funniest one I've seen so far was in today's Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel - "Top Parrot Head Chirps Way Out of Arena Perch." LOL! ~Dež~

February 5, 2001, 8:00 pm Msg #1664
Miss Ellie, your niece has my prayers. NF is something that hits pretty close to home for me, and I understand the fear and uncertanty that goes along with it. Peace to her and her family. jennie

February 5, 2001, 9:58 pm Msg #1665
Changing colors here. Carla has been fine since she passed out Saturday. Today they took her to a specialist and he said her blood pressure was high when she laid down and low when she got up (reversed of most people). He put a heart monitor on her and they will do an EEG tomorrow. But at home she has played and felt well. Thanks for all your prayers. Jennie, write me any information you know about it. I can email and everything now...just like a normal computer nerd. Oh, I love this new computer. I still got some things to put on it to make it seem homey and stuff like that. But the l7 inch screen as compared to the l3 inch and the vibrant colors (a flat screen) are awesome I thank my husband for having a lapse in memory in his penny pinching and buying it for me. I thought I would pass out in the store. Well, gotta go. My best to you and yours. Miss Ellie

"Andy, you just saved my life."

February 5, 2001, 10:12 pm Msg #1666
Dear Paw,
I am runnin' away from home an' you will never see me agin...

February 6, 2001, 8:13 am Msg #1667
i ran away once when i was 5. packed by bag with necessities- pj's, poptarts, chips. made it as far as the neighbors house. started playing with the neighbor kid and forgot about running away. went back home for supper. found packed bag with rotted food in it 3 months later when getting ready for vacation.