How is Andys health. Does he act, ?

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Posted by Whats ANDY up to now days on March 02, 2009 at 03:59:54pm:

I just sw scence #175 The Assault. Its about a young man that helps inner city youth, he helps Ben recover from a mugging and repays favor by representing him because his landlord was a slumloard. A bit far fetched in that the slumloard stabs himself just to advert a suit. Never the less I always enjoy wathcing matlock being a 53 year old male in Miami.

What got me is I never seemed to recall a rerun. In this 1995 production I knew it wasn't recent but it got me thinking
A) How many episodes did ole Andy do?
B) Is it still in production?
c) If it isn't is Andy still alive?
I never r4ead anything or see anything on entertainment tonight or the other like shows that ever entions Matlock or Andy. Then I got to wondering, maybe Andy is dead.

Then I read a fairly good explaination on Wiki web dictionary. BUT other than stating most the last/ABC shows were filmed in N Carolina (said to be Andys home town) there was no detail about how Andy is doing today, his age, his health.

I grew up on Maybery and the Andy Griffith show and to immagine all the years I still enjoy watching this man act.

I honestly do not recall seeing someone do their job as consistant as ole Andy.

Is it my imagination or does this man have the most hours ever dedicated to the entertainment industry (If such figures are kept) ?

Perry Masons face was on TV a lot due to Ironsides.

I thought I would find more info on the net about Andys current health etc.

If anyone can send me soome info on his "current" health etc. I would greatly appreciate it. My e mail addres follows:
c o l ey Gr oss AT Ya hoo DOT COM .

I have broke my address into pieces so that pre programmed data minners hepefully will not pick it up for spam.

I was sorta sad to read the lest episode was some 13 years ago. I either have a very bad memory but seriously I cant remember evere seeing two of the same Matlocks. I Suppose when the Matlock show was running thast I must have been out partying a lot back then, hence maybe why I never saw a previous show a 2nd time. (Maybe rerun is the wrong word to use since they are all reruns, just none I have ever seen twice.



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