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Easy "fUDGE"

Posted by: Lon on 12/25/08 03:30:12 EST

1 12oz bag of Simi-sweet chips
1 12oz bag of Milk Cho chips
1 Tsps spoon of Vanilla Extract
1 14oz Can of Sweetened condensed milk(Eagle brand or store brand)
Dash of salt
1 Jar of Marshmello Fluff or Kraft
1 Bag of nut's-black Walnut's or English Walnuts etc.

IN a heavy pan on low heat, melt the Fluff in the Sweetened Condensed Milk-
Add the Cho. Chips & salt-Stir until malted
Remove from heat and add Vanilla and nut's
Poor into an 8 X 8 pan(I spray it with Pam First)
Put into Fridge...let set about 2 hours
Remove from pan and cut into pieces.
I then put the candy into small bag's.

This candy is soo creamy, it is best that you keep it Refridgerated.
This is really an easy receipt and pretty quick.

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