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Omelettes In A BagSeth Taylor01/06/09 22:32:00 EST
Easy "fUDGE"Lon12/25/08 03:30:12 EST
French Toast PuffMichael Sayre05/02/07 18:54:25 CDT
Apple CrispTed Hill03/26/06 05:32:36 CST
real GOOD grits"Frances Flint"03/01/06 12:31:48 CST
Johnny CakeAlyce01/02/05 18:26:43 CST
Sausage DipAlyce01/01/05 20:16:56 CST
Baked Yeast DoughnutsLouisiana Gal05/10/04 17:47:30 EDT
Beignets (New Orleans Doughnuts)Louisiana Gal05/10/04 17:45:05 EDT
Russian TeaAndy's Favorite Dish04/29/03 04:23:49 EDT
Mustard Vegetable DipMiss Ellen Brown06/06/02 18:33:21 EDT
Marinated TomatoesMiss Ellen Brown06/06/02 18:27:10 EDT
Green Chili Grits!FloydTheBarber'sWife04/15/02 22:30:44 MD
Snickers Candy Bar SaladLynnTheSpin04/15/02 22:27:09 MD
Mexican Bean DipSalty Dog04/10/02 22:19:44 MD
Crock pot mac and cheeseSalty Dog04/10/02 22:15:06 MD
Romeena's Soft TacosRomeena04/10/02 16:24:36 MD
Cowboy Beans*Mavis04/10/02 14:18:27 MD
Bread PuddingCarol Faver09/22/01 13:02:02 MD
Banana Pudding(No Cook)Carol Faver09/10/01 21:49:52 MD
Perfect Mint JulepErnest T08/11/01 19:55:29 MD
Lemon Crumb Desserthomemaker08/03/01 14:29:12 MD
gram's freezer picklesantie03/07/01 12:43:54 MS
Bacon Cheese SpreadEmma12/20/00 20:10:17 MS
Cream cheese ballRita11/22/00 06:46:44 MS
Bailey's Irish Creme Stuffed French ToastKristi Mulle09/04/00 19:42:51 MD
Pineapple CasseroleWanetta06/16/00 13:21:13 MD
moon pieina boyce06/12/00 17:56:09 MD
White (Pinto) Beans RecipeBee Taylor04/05/00 13:54:53 MD
Ain't tasted nothin tastier than thisBeth Lowry01/04/00 20:04:28 MS
A darn Good Tasting RecipeBeth Lowry01/04/00 19:55:37 MS
Fruit PizzaEmma07/02/98 11:05:30 CDT
C'mon Eat ya' eggs!Mason Douglas01/12/98 22:41:58 CST
Guilty TunaHazel01/08/98 02:49:09 CST
Pearl's SalsaHazel12/17/97 01:33:47 CST
HOLIDAY cabbage burgersTheMaskedSinger12/07/97 07:52:03 CST
HOT BUTTERED RUMTheMaskedSinger12/07/97 07:34:19 CST
Grasshopper GumboEmma11/02/97 18:08:17 CST
"Too Much" French Toast~~~love, Leon10/18/97 15:30:24 CDT
Really Fluffy Omelettes~~~love, Leon10/18/97 14:41:34 CDT
Bugs 'n Worms 'n StuffEmma08/29/97 12:38:56 CDT
Pepper-Chickin Fettuccini TossEmma08/29/97 08:17:23 CDT
Pizza IdeasOpie08/23/97 07:43:12 CDT
Good ole timey graveyFlora05/02/97 13:07:43 CDT
Re: Nora's Question/Sweet MilkFlora05/02/97 13:03:43 CDT
Re: Thicknin' Gravy ( Milk Gravey )Nora04/24/97 14:46:47 CDT
Thicknin' Gravy ( Milk Gravey )Uncle Ollie04/23/97 13:56:03 CDT
Vegetable DipEmma04/19/97 18:45:15 CDT
White Pepperment Supreme Je§§04/10/97 18:37:10 CDT
Mystery FudgeRomeena03/30/97 19:30:03 CST
Re: Broccoli BreadJuanita03/29/97 19:18:44 CST
Broccoli BreadJuanita03/29/97 19:14:24 CST
Leonard's Cheese-Onion SouffleThe Masked Singer03/15/97 18:42:44 CST
NANER PUDDIN (aka Banana Pudding)Flora03/13/97 20:05:17 CST
Betty's Cheese WafersElinora03/10/97 09:37:13 CST
Sweet n Sour Cocktail WeinersEmma03/07/97 17:32:37 CST
Flora's Fabulous CrackersFlora02/28/97 16:42:08 CST
Fiesta FudgeEmma02/28/97 12:41:22 CST
Summer Skillet Supper, Spam StyleOtis Campbell02/27/97 07:07:10 CST

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