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Baked Goodies
Subject:Author:Date Posted:
apple, peach ,raisen cobblerangel s. johnson08/16/05 18:59:49 CDT
Sweet Potatoe CobblerDeli04/01/05 09:41:10 CST
Chocolate Chip O-PieSnappy Lunch03/07/05 20:47:55 CST
Chocolate Chess PieAlyce01/02/05 18:30:30 CST
Hershey Bar PieCharles Royer11/14/04 20:54:06 CST
Deep Dark Chocolate Fudge Cookies Neesie05/10/04 18:56:19 EDT
Chocolate CupcakesNeesie05/10/04 17:56:33 EDT
Brown Sugar Cherry Cookies Neesie05/10/04 17:50:58 EDT
Cinderella CakeCliff05/06/04 20:18:29 EDT
Candied PecansEmma12/03/03 21:03:58 EST
Whipping Cream BiscuitsCarol Faver11/11/03 22:38:39 EST
Chocolate Chip CookiesMelvin Wheeler08/31/03 14:37:32 EDT
Cinderella CakeAndy's Favorite Dish04/29/03 04:17:39 EDT
Salt Risin' BreadLD02/10/03 13:11:39 EST
Sugared PecansJennie Boone12/25/02 11:36:00 EST
Almond Cherry CheesecakeJuliet10/12/02 16:55:14 EDT
Old Fashioned Lemon PieChoir Lady (momof3)09/14/02 12:28:24 EDT
Bernie's Brown BettySkippy08/03/02 16:55:50 EDT
Aunt Bee's/Clara's Nesselrode PieFloyd05/31/02 08:35:26 EDT
Diet Coke CakeEmma04/14/02 10:40:18 MD
Oreo DelightSalty Dog04/10/02 22:02:54 MD
Marbled Chocolate Bars*Mavis04/10/02 14:29:35 MD
no bake cookiesCristy03/18/02 23:51:35 MS
Easter Story Cookies Carol Faver03/16/02 15:41:00 MS
Coconut Layer CakeCarol Faver03/11/02 00:51:52 MS
White Chocolate PieCarol Faver08/25/01 07:10:14 MD
Buttermilk Biscuits Carol Faver08/16/01 21:12:08 MD
Peach Dumplings Carol Faver08/07/01 09:27:55 MD
Triple Chocolate CakeEmma05/18/01 16:59:34 MD
tasty molasses cookiesbrenda scott12/29/00 11:59:35 MS
The BEST EVER Chocolate Chip CookiesPickles08/30/00 08:40:25 MD
Tex Foley's Cowboy CookiesTex Foley08/01/00 13:23:46 MD
Incredible melted ice cream cake/frostingMs Moe06/22/00 14:01:23 MD
Coconut Pineapple PieGina06/22/00 09:58:40 MD
Hornet's Nest CakeMr. Schwump06/08/00 10:31:35 MD
Muffins that taste like doughnutsFloyd's mother06/02/00 18:55:18 MD
Peanutbutter CrunchiesCember02/10/00 01:16:55 MS
Rich Cocoa BrowniesMr. Moe01/28/00 13:39:48 MS
Fresh Strawberry PieThel05/27/98 13:04:32 CDT
applesauce cakeMikey 01/24/98 18:32:36 CST
Re: Imperial Holiday CookiesOpie12/17/97 18:09:54 CST
Pecan FingersEmma12/06/97 15:17:05 CST
Imperial Holiday CookiesEmma12/06/97 15:04:35 CST
Pumpkin RollEmma12/06/97 14:46:08 CST
Sweet Potater MuffinsEmma11/02/97 18:18:57 CST
Martha's CookiesEmma08/29/97 07:32:21 CDT
Sweet Potato Corn MuffinsOpie08/27/97 17:58:36 CDT
Virgil's and Daphne's Sour-Cream Pound CakeVirgil and Daphne07/20/97 20:43:42 CDT
Harvest Pumpkin BrowniesFlora05/02/97 12:59:25 CDT
WOW! that's good icecream, icecreamROSE04/21/97 13:13:50 CDT
Fudge Ribbon CakeFlora04/01/97 19:21:11 CST
SALTINE CRACKER CAKEDoris04/01/97 08:00:04 CST
Toffee Cracker TreatsOpie03/29/97 09:53:45 CST
Bailey's Chocolate Mousse PieOpie03/16/97 19:24:42 CST

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